Friday, 2 November 2012

PetNanny's Ninny Nativity

The date is set.

I hope you can feel the excitement from here!

Petnanny's Ninny Nativity is go.  Sunday 25th November 1pm At Sunniside Park.  There is plenty of parking, there will be cakes to buy and if I can find a willing victim I will try and get a coffee van to call even if only for an hour.

The theme you may have guessed…..Nativity now we have the baby Jesus ( Rez the Viszla)but in true doggy fashion dogs rarely have one pup so we shall have a few more Jesus's the only restriction is they must be small.

No restrictions on costumes and if you are a Pagan feel free to come dressed any which way you choose!

As you all may know already we only dress up our dogs for charity and the Charity this time is Pawz For Thought a small local charity that rescues and rehomed pretty much all companion animals and they have not one person on the payroll or with expenses so it truly is a labour of love.

I am trying to set up a page for their paypal account so we can keep a track of our donations so please give generously we prefer using JustGiving but they can't even spare the money for the monthly charges  for a JustGiving page.  Further details to follow

The photographs will of course be available for sale( are we really mad enough to buy photos of our guys in nativity gear….of course hehe) and the main photograph of the group will be starring in Petnanny's superduper Calendar 2013.

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