Thursday, 11 October 2012

Welcome young Elvis

Elvis doesn't know it but he has been waiting for this to happen for sometime.  He was wanting to come on board quite sometime ago( about a year ago) unfortunately as usual we were full then as luck would have it they asked just as the last space was available and finally Elvis has joined PetNanny.

Now as you may know we tend to give our guys nicknames often this is necessary as their names have so many bad habits linked to them....their names just tend to happen and this is how Elvis received his somewhat longwinded nickname.

After an introduction and assessment today was his first day and he was buddied up with Truffle.  Not by mistake Truffle is small, feisty and very good at getting her point across without being stressed about it.  Now Elvis is rules by his Gonads and soon did his best to chat her up a move he obviously had done many times before on any passing dogs.  I know this as I have been here before so many times.  He trots past his owner, ears up, tail up trotting that smart trot that catches the eye.  Despite an arrogant air I have no doubts his heart is beating fast and he approaches with his best Lothario smouldering looks.  The strangers dog rebuffs him and with a flick of his black ears he cocks his leg on the nearest bush with a devil may care attitude.

How do I know?  Cos I watching his get in chat up Truffle and when he was rebuffed he cocked his leg ....on Truffle.  Mmm not the best way to endear yourself to your new love interest!  Somewhat bemused he sat down and Truffle looked at me and was promptly washed, given a hug and a bit of chicken and dizzy dora gonad brain did the exact same thing again with a now slightly pee'd off ( excuse the pun) Truffle ready to pull up her sleeves and bop him on the nose....I swear she stepped out the cage and looked at the shower and chicken as if to say hurry up. I was more than a little surprised when she asked to back into the same cage....( Truffle likes the middle or bottom cages she does DO the top cages if she has a choice which most weeks is the case) this time she walked straight up to him waited till he sat in a sheepish kind of way before the familiar sexy whine came from the back least this time he widdled where he was needing to sit!

Elvis Pelvis Pissy Pants ( well come on it had to be) didn't pee again and after changing the bedding we stayed pittle free hurrah( whether that will be the case next time is a different matter).

Once at the field the usual battering ram problem was apparent when I opened the door to let his buddy( we buddy up the new dogs with a dog the should get on to help show them the ropes they speak the same language so they learn quicker)Truffle out and lets face it she earned her first dog out privilege!

Well this move has been perfected over the years he was somewhat bemused to find himself back in the cage facing the middle.  So he jumped out again and found himself back in the cage again this time facing the exit.  It was my turn to be surprised as he looked at me, looked at Truffle and then sat door open field there for the taking!  Clever boy.  So out he came with a perky invite and he trotted around completely unaware of his line tied round his tummy loose but knotted so it couldn't tighten.

Amazingly he realised Truffle should be treat gently and he was a picture of virtue and continued to be so until Sirus came out....Like many labs ElvisPPP just didn't really see the small dogs so when he saw one the same size as him he lost his mind to his you know whats.  If you know Sirus you don't automatically think patient.  I often say he has a spot for every naught moment he has had.  He has a lot of spots!  Yet he managed Elvis ppp very well with some supervision from us.

Once we realised he wasn't at all phased by a few dogs we introduced a couple more so he wouldn't obsess over one and the majority of the time it worked though he was quite smitten with Sirus.  He did attempt a couple of times to roughhouse( play) with a couple of the quieter ones only to find out they aren't that quite when you badger them, again this had a brilliant side affect of him heading to me for reassurance so he not only learnt some manners he learnt a safe spot was right next to us...fabulous!

I imagine him now flat out at home, legs furiously going in his sleep absorbing and sorting out the jumble of experiences he had and tomorrow is a whole other day!

Wish Elvis and us luck and hope you enjoy the journey with us as you have with many of our others.

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