Thursday, 18 October 2012

Today was a little odd

Today was a little odd yet I can't really tell you why.

We had a busy day today as poor Alex was off and we had a full house!  I do feel very proud we cope even when the unexpected happens so we went to the field with me getting there first.

This gave me the chance to see how Elvis was after a weekend off after his first week.  Oh he was so pleased to be out with us again!  Despite being scared of cars after having a car accident as a young dog he was quite happy to get into the van and this time didn't try and pepe le pew his buddy.

Lola was completely wired and combined with Yipyipyip Tallulah and the sealion sounding Wobbily I decided their next walk would be on lead!  Esther and Elvis paired up which is a great combo as Esther is very clever at games and introductions and wouldn't be overly concerned if he was a little over the top.  Well I didn't take into account she might fancy him so there was one time out when Elvis tried out his famous hip rudies on my watch thank you guys.

Leyla was on fire enjoying a good dash about and gad about with Truffle when she wasn't playing with Esther.  Roly was tipping over the edge a little which is very him but he tried which is all I can ask.  Poppy however made no effort whatsoever and pretended to be completely deaf whilst digging up the local critters, once she did come back she lucked out by spending boring leader time whilst her mates and critters played.

Rez the vizsla pup has been a little star, thankfully drinking whilst out and about, eating well and toiletting like a pro.  He is still clingy but it all takes time.  We have worked on getting him desensitised to noises with a cheery laugh everytime he get is startled by anything new it is working a treat I have to say.

Norman made me laugh as he had his hackles up at Elvis yet was pretty giddy chatting him up and doing those funny little bum slaps he usually saves for his bestest friends, he is such a steady lovely dog its nice to see him being a little silly.

Once Sam came loaded with goodies ( human rather than Canine) we swapped some of the dogs and only Archie fluffed by bullying the second he came in the field which was a real shame as he greeted me beautifully and enthusiastically for the first real time .  A leader walk after a cool down in the van worked a treat and we worked on him walking quietly even whilst his pals played around him.  With three entire males and an entire girl we kept a close eye and other a little posturing from Fergal I was very pleased with them.  Winifred laps up the interest and is learning good doggy manners and behaviours an important thing to any dog but even more important for small or oversized breeds.  Too much adoration from Hunter had her dipping her shoulders and stopping, an instant change from Hunter had her swaggering in delight!

Hunter and Bobby were much better matched today with Bobby enjoying having the freedom to say TOO MUCH to Hunter and it was effective.  I can see subtle changes in Hunter for the better yet we have so far to go I'd say he has the most to learn of all our dogs.  Bobby continued to impress us by playing with a rag toy with no signs of possessiveness and he was rewarded not only by us but by increased attention and play from the guys.

Megan is coming on leaps and bounds even deciding new boy Elvis was a little scary but well worth a good romp with yet still listening when we asked her to recall.  Her and Fluffy whirled around in complete delight and you can't help but go awwww at two friends enjoying each others company.

Elsie and Molly Mc Dolly were no bother and as Molly is on a strict no ball throwing rule to protect her delicate shoulder she was happy to mooch and hunt whilst joining us in the group to have a good sniff or attention from us.  Elsie and Stanley were on planet Wilkie which was great for us as it inevitably involved dashing off full tilt racing each other before wheeling round and heading back how about that for tiring everyone out.

Tash and Sophie are a miss Sophie was always so full of bounce rolling in everything nasty, smelly or dirty that wonderful canter she had I can't help but look for her and Tash well Tash would have loved the labrAdoring from the two entire boys and to see her skip about like a young'un was always a delight.  Introducing new guys is both exciting, hard work and sad you miss the guys before them but it is always great to see what they have to teach you and entertain you.

Murphy still has ongoing tummy issues and these are still being investigated by the vets, Danes can be so delicate and even his special diet is no longer maintaining him.  It is such a worry and he has lost weight.  He makes up for it though by being completely hyper and spending most of his time i the air rather than on the ground.

I think depending on weather next week will be a decent training week with calm( boring for them hehe) steady walking on lead mixed with some off lead as I felt today they are building up too much adrenalin and an assumption their time out walking is fun fun fun.

Well time for afternoon widdles so I look forward to more doggy time.
More videos uploaded on YouTube!

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