Thursday, 13 September 2012

Plan all you like

You can plan all you like though rarely does it got to plan!

The girls and I met at the field and after letting the delicates have a good sniff around we bit by bit let the daft dogs out ready for some training and some jumping.  Only we forgot one vital thing....we didn't put a line on Archie and off he went playing with his new friends bit by bit we let them go from their quiet sits and round and round they went.

Watching Roly, Sirus and Murphy and Jasper is like watching teenage boys egging each other on, winding each other up and pushing pushing pushing just for a reaction so it no surprise when Roly boiled over, Sirus spat the dummy out and Jasper fell over the precipice.  Fools!  So we had three sorry faces sitting in a huddle after a discussion on brotherly love, getting a grip and how to put their toys back in the pram. I felt like mummypoos who's just banished their almost adult son to their bedroom!  After less than a minute off they went bestest friends again running as fast as their little/ long legs would carry them.

We called the guys in ready to see what we could do with a rope a bit of carpet and a load of excitable dogs....that is until we realised Archie the Lurcher maybe didn't want to come in...oops.  So we asked our other guys to all sit holding Fergal and Hunter and rather surprisingly they did( bare in mind we had a few newbies, a few who really can't be bothered do as nanny asks and the odd dizzy dora)whilst I walked quietly where ever Archie did and you could tell he had gone from I don't wanna to oh my dog I am being stalked by a mad we walked and walked stopping only when he stopped and still the puplets sat.

My magic Liver paste just confirmed Archie's worst fears that not only was I bossy and a scary stalker I was also a puppy catcher offering sweeties!  I looked up and saw a naughty spot heading my way but clearly the look on my face convinced him we weren't having that much fun so he may as well head back up to Sam and Alex which I have to say made me laugh fancy spoiling everyones fun, Wicked Nanny.  Then for whatever reason Archie realised/ remembered I really wasn't that scary and walked quietly over to me and after a moment or two of tickles and paste I stood up and shouted go!  Ahhhh to see all those dogs blasting down full tilt the whole length of the eight acre field was a sheer delight and with a line firmly attached Archie carried on his fun with his friends.

After such a fabulous sit stay under pressure we decided they had tried hard enough so why didn't we just have fun fun fun!  So back to the carpet jumping.

The enthusiastic types of course joined in Murphy was pretty much blowing his small but ernest mind, now I am not entirely sure how it was me running and jumping not the young whippersnappers Alex and Sam but hey I am daft enough to join in.  I love how even with play jumping their personalities show through.

We have Minnie: 'there is something in my way'
me: ' jump Minnie you might enjoy it'
Minnie' oh lord she wants me to go over it when I can clearly go round it and even worse there are those dopey fools in the way'.

Murphy: 'Nannies running running ooh running'
Me: 'You didn't even see that jump did you Murphy'

Poppy, Truffe, Lola and their band of merry followers were merely jumping it in the vain hope I would throw the treats I have hidden away would be thrown so they could eat up and continue their chase games.

Belle of course stood on the other side of the jump with the air of complete embarrassment of a dog who knows better and can't work out why the others would join in.

After a couple of goes I loved the fact some were going round the vans, others were jumping two or three times back and forth waiting for their friends to catch up and the even smarter ones were nipping through the gap!

Oh boy have we laughed.

Hope you enjoy the selection of videos

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