Wednesday, 1 August 2012

When we win the lottery

Sam and I had a discussion this morning and when we win the lottery:

We shall hire a driver each to pick up the guys and gals.

We shall turn up just to do the walks and training at our facility and local walks as normal.

Our local facility shall have a groomers for our guys so we can encourage as much dirty smelly bog monster behaviours as we like.

Our own vet and nurse will do health checks and any procedures required but with minimum fuss and no anaesthetics or sedation unless absolutely required.

The facility will be at the field have an indoor arena for agility, flyball, horse riding( for Flute hehe) a hydrotherapy area for the oldies and infirm to have their treatments and a swimming pool for the water dogs.  A soft play area for all who like to injure themselves ( thankfully no longer have these dogs oops yes we do!  Murphy will have his own padded room if required hehe).

Our field will have more trees in it and a digging area for the diggers of the group.

Did I mention our chef?  For us girlies to keep slim and enjoy great food and of course for the guys and gals.

Then we will of course have a creche for all the owners to enjoy fun time whilst enjoying watching their pooches having fun as they do now.

Lastly( for now) a bedroom cos we are all gonna need a lie down after that!

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