Wednesday, 22 August 2012

How canny

Yesterday whilst dropping the dogs off, a lady putting her milk bottle out smiled sweetly and said 'I love seeing the dog running out the house over the garden wall and leaping in the van saying hello to all his friends how wonderful' She was talking about Louie and part of her breakfast routine was watching out for us to turn up in our vans to pick Louie up.  She watches whilst I park up and Rachel sends Louie out to us, Louie flies over the garden wall( making sure there is no traffic obviously) and leaps into the van eager to get out in his 'schoolbus'!

This made me think of our morning routine.  Mine is a little different from Sams but essentially we use our vans to pick up our charges for the day.  Most of you have seen inside our van but in case you haven't we have Transits with a large open plan area in the middle and four cages in the back two on top of two.  All our dogs are taught to mix although we do tend to put them in with their friends and of course so they are comfortable and safe.

All of our dogs have favourite spots and preference.  Truffle prefers the middle but detests the upstairs cage, she is happy in the back and I haven't found a dog she doesn't like sharing with.  She comes downstairs with her dad and I waiting for her to get back out of bed( she gets up has breakfast toilets and heads back up lucky girl), her time to wait at the door whilst I lock the door and we walk together down the drive.  This is where she subtly positions herself in a neat sit with her head firmly placed so I know she would like to be in the middle.  If she happens to be in the back one gentle come on Truff sends her in a trot never looking up just in case I dare to pop her upstairs.....she gently jumps in and always sweetly greets whoever is in often Phoebe or Bobby both of whom will greet back and a slow thump of their tail.  Once in she likes to settle down and have a doze, as does both Phoebe and Bobby, Bobby is partial to a doze whilst sitting up on the way out but always sleeps lying down on the way home knowing he couldn't possibly miss anything!

Louie however likes to get his moneys worth and jumps in the van and looks to see who he can play with Charlie is always inevitably in the van before him will either be ready dozing or up for a good play  Louie accepts a refusal to play gracefully and usually waits patiently for Esther.  Esther Just loves a good tussle so invited from Louie are impossible to ignore though she prefers Truffle at the moment.  Once upon a time she only had eyes for her best mate Lola and Lola for her but in true teenage girls style they fell out one day over a moments rough play and that was that a polite and affection snuggle is all you will see from these two now.

Whilst Esther and Louie make primordial noises in the back there is a noise like no other......a noise that  had me stopping in my tracks five times the first time I heard it....much like an animal in dire need, a cross between a demented Muppet and a dog with its head stuck this noise emanates from the diminutive Leyla.  Mila simply flumps down in her cage the smaller the better( a remnant from her sad beginnings) and Leyla jumps in and sits in the boarded out wheel arch.  Leyla and Roly both have a love of the wheel arches and I do giggle when I go round a corner and I can hear both of them sliding gently on the wood only to be deposited on to Mila who accepts all input, interaction or indeed insult with much joy.  So back to the ungodly( or is it undogly) noise...Leyla is St Bernard baiting, her moves would have been much prizes by Bull baiters of yore.  As Mila lies motionless only her eyes moving Leyla dives in grabs a choller and worries it before leaping back and diving onto Mila's prone body after a good bounce back she goes pushing with all her might getting under that colossal head and doing goodness knows what.  After a good ten minutes Mila starts to thump her tail, them thump!  Leyla is bashed with a huge paw and her head disappears into a massive gob.....then its starts all over again.  I often wonder how often this is played out at home, Leyla see's Mila as her playdate and Mila lives to worried by the little heathen!

Willow's fond of her upstairs cage and at time is joined by Esther and her usual cage mate is Fluffy.  Now Willow used to be a cage mate with Leyla but Leyla was a little too relentless so now Willow enjoys her comforts and snuggles with one bed and only one any others will be pushed aside and occasionally shoved out of the cage completely!  Her time in the van starts off with watching and inevitably ends up with her fast asleep.  Fluffy however likes to watch and intermittently his tail wags I haven't worked out who he is wagging with though if my two are in it ends up being them as they spend most of the time saying hi to everyone upstairs....the advantage of having long legs and a long nose!

Belle likes to just settle, she sleeps after a walk but rarely before always in a calm state of watchfulness and often the only one on guard whilst the other sleep.  When Poppy is in my van she is a cage hopper which drives me mad yet also makes me chuckle.  The gap is so small but is no match for Feral.  She has a free ranging mind that one and the grass is always greener haha.

Sam's van much like mine has a changing routine dependant on who is in the van, like mine most jump in find a free spot settle and say hi before resuming normal van activities.  Without doubt our guys prefer an open cage rather than the closed type cages that are in Sam's van( we are still waiting for our new cages once the cage man is better).

The cutest pair have to be Breeze and Megan.  The  seek each other out and snuggle in tight whilst not physically rejecting all others they share only each others space.  Unlike my van when Louie is not in Sam's van there is little play this is a snoozy van maybe saving their energy for the walk or being older and more sensible they just settle down for the journey before their day really begins!  Oscar and Bella are playful types and luckily Bella has her playmate Louie on her days Oscar isn't fussy and just plays with whoever will put up with him before settling with his brother Hugo.

Molly Mc and Poppy have a mutual respect and liking of each other and they lie nose to nose against the partition watching all there is to see from their vantage point.  Izzy likes a corner and of course being a lurcher needs a decent bed so ensures she has a good bed a couple of walls to lean on and she is set sometimes being a little reticent about leaving her spot especially if it is raining.  Jasper being Jasper is a flat out across the cage kinda guy much to the disgust of whoever shares with him I do like Nanci or Sirus's style as they just lie across him until he shares nicely.

Nanci and Milliedoodle are window hoggers that is if they can get past Murphy's huge noggin, Murphy is every dog van drivers nightmare with his constant drone, 'are we there yet' 'are we there yet' 'I wanna be there are we there yet?' He also likes to constantly check you are indeed still there( urm how do you think the van is moving my dear).  Harry likes to sit back to back to Sam until sleep overcomes hima dn down he goes a mass of golden fur.

Lastly, although we have of course missed out many, we have to mention Winifred.  No it isn't pug preference it is because she NEVER gives in.  from being a black blimp she refuses to sleep.  Of course she does sleep but she doesn't allow her eyes or body to succumb so you often have a sinking Pug in a hunched over sit with eyes still open yet clearly fast asleep.  Not one to miss out  she is always quite indignant if she lapses and should she see Sam or I leave the van there is a complaint lodged with the management.

Funny things dogs.
You just gotta love 'em

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