Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Had a thought

I had a thought today ( and it didn't even hurt!) we have a policy of doing basic 'maintenance' jobs ourselves and trying to keep our guys as fit and healthy as we can.  So nails are done at least four times a year as the terrain we take them over means a ripped toenail is a real possibility, then we have anal glands blurgh!  It is much easier to keep a record of dogs who's glands fill up quickly and clean them on a regular basis( when required) then they don't have to have the stress of going to the vet.  Many hairy dogs also have a problem with hair growing in their ears so we pluck their excess hair( minimal amount possible to allow the normal self cleaning of the ear) hopefully before there is a problem with ear infections.  In time most dogs will get tartar build up and many of the products sold to clean dogs teeth are not only loaded with chemicals they are also what I call people pleasers....on the market and sold to please the humans rather than be of use for dogs.

From day one of coming to Petnanny we spend time with our guys, have firm but flexible understandable rules and handle our dogs constantly, from cuddling to body checks.  This means we build up a mutual respect and they understand we may ask them things they dislike or feel uncomfortable but it will be rewarded with something quite amazing.

This works so well we can descale the dogs in the field without restraint.

So if we work on an average
Trimming four times a year  average groomer charge £5 per trim      Total £20
Glands four times a year       "           "             "         £5 per session Total £20
Ear Plucking                                                               £5 per session Total £15
Teeth descaling average price  per session                  £100

It all soon mounts up.  Obviously a vet can do a much better job of cleaning and polishing your dogs teeth unfortunately to do so involved a full day of upset including a general Anaesthetic.  Whilst I am happy to anaesthetise dogs when required I will do all I can to prevent the need for one.

So why do we do it yet don't charge?

I know all of our customers work hard to pay whatever is required to keep their pups in good order.  We charge a normal dog walking rate and turn it into an extraordinary service because we all gain from it.  I gain from healthier dogs, appreciative owners and the satisfaction that we make a difference.  The owners gain even if it means there is the occasion nag from a weight obsessed nanny and the dogs gain from limited trips to the vet, an understanding that sometimes you have to put up with stuff and of course a fresh pair of eyes keeping an eye on them.  Simples!

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