Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A rainy day in July....again

Well my first walk this morning was with Justine and her gang.  Elsie and Leyla were no impressed a being cold and wet so they were not their usual cheery selves, seemed a little odd not having elsie flying around like a bouncing ball and Leyla not having puggy fun with Winnie.  Oh Winnie is currently suffering from baboon bum and I think poor Justine is in mourning ahha puppies first season is a big event!   Esther, Lola, Flute and Tips not to mention Stan made up for the wet not happy dogs and they were whizzing back and forth taking turns to chase each other or rather Esther Stan and Lola were Flute and Tips were merely chasing.  All the dogs have some routine and head off to toilet then they start to feel the giddiness to take over and head for their favourite puddles, they are a little bigger and more numerous at the moment needless to say.  We met a couple with their two male labs one of which cocked his leg on me just before asking if I would dog walk for them!  Mmm let me think about that one.....Oddly Esther barked at them and both Mila and Flute were a bit on edge so we had a quick chat then headed off, oh the guys are acting weird.

Then we came across a huge Bordeaux luckily we recognised him but his elderly limping owner was nowhere to be found.  Flute was not at all happy and strutted feeling the need to be protective so he was put on lead.  Eventually we found his owner who was plodding up the incline and asked if his young lad was with us.  Esther of course ( she just doesn't bark with us at all) barked, Willow shocked us both by saying hi to his friend with the umbrella, Lola hid behind me( urm Lola is a social hussy normally)and after a quick catch up we headed off Lola and Flute started to relax, esther finally stopped barking and Elsie no longer had to be brave whilst the young horny Bordeuax was kissing hugging and squeezing her.    Seems like the weather might be getting to us all!

Once I met up with Sam we headed off for my second walk, down in the park and a good ol' ball throw.  Ideal weather I knew they wouldn't overheat and we chose the appropriate dogs and off we went.  Jasper and Sirus couldn't bring themselves to sit down and shut up so they were sidelined whilst their mates had fun.  The first four started and unusually it wasn't just Charlie and Truffle who caught the ball.  Before long we added more and Poppy started her mugging so she had a warning before we put her on the 'chill out, get a grip and miss out for a moment lead'!  Jasper genuinely couldn't believe he had been quiet and still enough to be let off, I am sure he was holding his breath when Sam let him off....he sat, he was so still it was surreal then I shouted Get it Jasper and he was off like a shot boowoowing with delight.  The gentleman who had been walking up the hill past the park decided to watch and his smile and eyes looked as bright and wide as the guys playing ball.  His Jack Russell was straining on the lead judging by the look on his lively face he would have caused havic if he'd been allowed to join in.

By now the odd one would have been tiring but not today they were relentless...legs a flying, ears flapping tongues seemingly stretched beyond their natural length.

It was funny to watch Phoebe stand by the side so she could run and sideswipe giving her more chance of catching but also giving me a heart attack as she was much more likely to be hit sideways!  Once Sirus behaved himself he flew past without a flicker even when Jasper refused to have anything to do with him and even barked at him when he joined in with ball throwing....clearly in Jasper's world it was all Sirus's fault he had been restrained on the leader in the first place.  I know a few people like that too its NEVER their fault!

Louie was very good at not mugging which was a pleasant surprise, Poppy only fluffed one more time and Fluffy feet had a ball chasing all the dogs though at no point in time do I think he spotted the ball.

Belle was still in the game but Harry had joined Harv and headed over to Sam so we took the opportunity to pop him on so he didn't overtire himself he was clearly pooped!  It wasn't long before Phoebe was keeping Harry and Harv company though she would have kept going till she dropped.

With the rain and it being cooler we were amazed at their stamina, we know they are fit but normally we have to stop due to them getting over hot so it was nice to be abel to tire them out knowing they were hydrate and cooler than normal.

Both Jasper and Sirus excelled themselves by retrieving well as did Louie, the ones to reach the ball now changed and Charlie and Truffle started to beat Poppy and the rest not sure if it is stamina or dogged determination.  Fluffy feet didn't falter and still flew around chasing whoever was closest but by now Belle sensibly took to watching from the sidelines.  Harry looked up at Sam as if to say I wanna chase the ball but his body stayed put unable or unwilling to move bless him.

By now everyone was flagging so ball was put away everyone was off and despite the odd invite to play they all had a nice sniff, a cool down and a wander with slightly dazed/ manic/ wired looks on their faces.

I do love to see the guys happy, tired and interacting, there is always a moment at the end of an exciting game where they wind down and reaffirm friendships, whether that is a mere nose touch or a good gentle play I always imagine them saying to each other how much fun that was!

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