Thursday, 5 July 2012

Like walking in a botanical garden!

Walking the guys in our current weather is like walking in the greenhouses in a botanical garden( I nicked that description from chief Petnan photographer Laura) though the mere thought of that made me laugh as I believe that would be any gardens worse nightmare!

A quick change of plan saw us at the field with the paddling pool out and horrors of horrors nail clippers at the ready.  The top of our eight acre field has the grass flattened down and clover so they love to roll, play and chase each other round this area and is positively jungle like in the rest of the field...great for those that like to go feral in a small way!

Today was a big day for the new guys up till now we have focussed on getting to know them and introducing them to our way of doing things, meeting their new colleagues hopefully soon to be friends.  So we first called Megan in, took a little while as she was hurtling around with her new best mate Fluffy feet( Oscar Tibetan), and Sam hugged her tight as we gently trimmed her nails.  She definitely wasn't excited at the prospect however I can't fault her and we very quickly had all four feet neatly trimmed I did laugh as we put her down she quickly resumed where she had left so definitely not traumatised.

Next was Duke.  Now Duke is a little precious so we took our time and despite a few ' I am NOT amused' look he also let us trim his nails with no fuss and seemed non the worse if a little giddy afterwards.  Fluffy feet decided it was against all his beliefs and tried wriggling, tried huffing and puffing and ended up enjoying a cuddle whilst he supervised me closely as I trimmed his nails!  Now how about that for a result.

Poor Truffle got a real telling off from Leyla who mistakenly though Truffle was being too usual Lola came out smelling of roses as she was being a wassick and Truffle got the blame...I do find annoyed pugs hilarious and as no one was in any danger of being hurt I watched on and tried not to laugh.  The indignation on Leylas face, the confusion on Truffles and I swear Lola looked Smug.

Murphy still has a very sore foot though there is some improvement after we took him to the vets last week, bacterial infections are such a nightmare to deal with and it isn't helped by the fact that Murphy is a lolloping baffoon who doesn't know how to slow up with delicate skin that a whippet would be proud of.  His mum despairs and keeps treating him regardless.

Max finally seems to have relaxed since our return from holiday and enjoyed being at the field with his mates muzzle less though the mugginess definitely got the better of him, his house sister however never seems affected by anything at all and flounces around like the floozy she is, just amazing Suzy is at her age and we shan't tell her how old she is either!

Today is Bailey and Roxy's last day visiting Petnan.  Apart from Bailey's barking if you even suggest you are going to leave him I really can't fault them....I am looking after them for a neighbour as we are good friends I though it'd be nice for them to join us.  Roxy is like an old pro but you do forget how much our guys know when you get visiting dogs coming along.

Well its that time again, wee's and leg stretch time( for the dogs and maybe me too haha) so I shall get going and very well done newbies I can't get over how well they are learning to join in, playing with new friends and a very well done for the regulars who hope to make it happen so smooothly.

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