Wednesday, 18 July 2012

It's been a while

It's been a while since we have had a dog who doesn't come back and it is certainly testing our nerve.  It is also more worrying as the little lad is the size of a large grasshopper.  Ok maybe I am telling an ickle lie but you get the drift.

There are many ways of dealing with it, from not ever letting it off ( one day trust me that dog will be free then what), fasten him to another, just hope all will go well and of course train him to understand recall and to actually do it.  We do two of above...

Today we popped him on a line whilst we were playing around with who should go out with who and had to tell Harvey and Poppy puppy to behave....Mr Darcy instantly reacted by sloping good lesson learnt about him he doesn't like confrontation even if he isn't involved.

Nell was being a homing dog and was keeping an eye on him so it was nice to know they are already bonded enough for her to watch out for him.

Everytime Mr Darcy comes near or chooses to be with us or play we make a huge fuss, he likes cuddles so they are ready available when he wants them and as time progresses we will choose a good babysitter for him( not always Nell as she can be a dizzy dora and likes to wander aimlessly at will) that has a fantastic recall that won't scare him to help us teach him recall.

It sounds daft but it really does help that we like him.  Teaching recall to a dog you don't actually want to be with is a tough one I recon you ooze your feelings out of your pores and who would want to spend time with someone who doesn't like you?

Then we have the dizzy doras of the group who need more work...Bonbon, Megan and Nell like to walk their own path so I look forward to the day when all our hard work pays off and the path they wanna walk is ours.....

Young Fluffy feet is doing well and whilst he does like to stay with us he doesn't let you catch him up so I am delighted with his improvement although the faces he pulls when he comes back are hilarious its like his emotions are playing out on his facial expressions.

Well whilst our guys and gals sleep I am off to have my lunch.

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