Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sometimes walking dogs for a living can take the shine out of walking your own.  It becomes a function a necessary job that needs doing.  I have to stop, take a breath and remember to enjoy the view!

Then of course I have to throw the non recall into the mix!  So I can handle 30 plus dogs all of which recall and my two don't have a recall.  Flute is by far the worse but still non recall it is.

That makes for a somewhat frustrating walk.  I know the fault is mine although isolating it isn't very easy.  Of course they are a breed known for their high drive.  So what to do?

Have fun. And lots of it.

It started with chicken fillets, hotdogs, mature cheese and cooked offal.  I offered food like this for anything at all I liked, and offered a lot of it.  I then offered more food with lots of snuggly cuddles that involved then getting close and tight.  All this was done whilst on a lead or safe areas like the garden( pre Rabbit and pre Mouse)we succeeded.  

So we progress to stepping outside of the field and playing ball.  The playing ball started in the horses field, getting so excited every time they showed any enthusiasm… once we stepped outside of the safety zone with heart pounding ( think sheep, farmer gun and hound) I throw the ball squealing.  They bring it back and now it is down to timing and the odd hotdog chicken combo.  As soon as minds wander its treat time ball goes back and we head home.

At home is a little harder cos the Mr Grumps indoors isn't so keen on any play in the house ( well canine play anyway hehe).  We wait for the moment, we all know those moments when they go out  and we own the house, the remote and freedom reigns.  I bring out the ultimate.  

Rabbit skin ball.  

They sit.

I hide 

I whistle just once and I hear nails digging up carpet as two frantic Pods ( Abbreviation of Podenco Ibicenco) hunt me down all in the name of rabbit ball.

They find me and Rabbit ball is flung, hunted down and returned for one last throw.

Back in my hand we head back to the lounge.

They sit 

I hide

And off we go again, with their eyes shining, tongues lolling and occasionally giving tongue excitement getting the better of them.

All in the name of recall!

Wish us luck we have a long fun time ahead of us.  Wonder if Mr Grumps will notice the dug up carpet on our made up racetrack?

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