Saturday, 21 April 2012


The morning started with worried looks and anxious movements.  He rushes past, checks outside before daring to head out then checks as he comes back in.

You want them to have a carefree time, only having to worry about when there next treat is coming or when there next tootle outside will happen.  You don't want them to feel unsafe.

We have a friend staying a friend who makes him feel scared in his own home.  Its not what the friend does it is about his inability to jump up and run away if anything should happen.  If you legs won't do as they are asked how can you feel safe.  Is this how older people feel when they can't get their body to work as it should and could, the fear of a fall.

His right leg is a mere spelk with the nerve firing off inconsistently yet manages to help get the boy on the settee.  His left leg isn't up to supporting his scrawny little bot and his front legs are planning on retiring.

Then he sleeps a deep comforting sleep.  Where he can run as fast as the rabbits he chases or the bitches that play games.

When he wakes up his housemates are playing hide and seek with a rabbit ball and his fear has gone.  His heart might be pounding and skipping a beat but that ball is just a delight, the smell of it the feel of it and best of all because his housemates want it and can't have it.  Not when the boy has it.  Those blue eyes are shining again, the legs are still heading off in different directions but who cares the spirit is flying.

Life with an old boy, in fact each day with an old boy seems to be filled with fear and dread, the dread that never goes away, the inevitability.  Yet those moments of joy are unlike any other, the delight of a pup playing doesn't fill me with the delight I feel when I see my boy eyes shining bright and gambolling along.

So here's hoping there are more moments of sheer delight  and less of those fearful wobbly moments.  Gotta go time for marrowbones, a slice of cheese and a snog on the settee.

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