Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Flute and Tips love their raw meaty bones from  the butchers.  The bones we usually give for house chewing are knuckle bones as they tend to chew the softer honeycombed part rather than the leg bone.  even when the meat is long gone they do like just lying and gnawing on them.  Only this time I hadn't noticed Tutey had managed to chew right through the honeycombed bit and made a loop then got his bottom jaw stuck.
Oh goody.
Now aren't I pleased the time I spend teaching our guys to accept us around their mouths, cleaning their teeth etc!  I admit there was a moment of panic with me envisioning a long trip to the vet with Flute backflipping over the stuck bone them having to saw it off ( in a dramatic fashion or worse under anaesthetic).  I calmly asked Bruce to help and he wiggled it as I held onto a quivering whimpering lanky dog.  To no avail we went for the big guns and brought out the dremmel....
Our house now smells of singed bones ( thankfully not of singed dog) and Flute went round giving kisses to me, Bruce then Shy and then flopped in front of his brother for an ear wash.  After a cuddle he then looked in vain for his bone.  
Resilient little sods they are, aren't they!?

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