Thursday, 22 March 2012


We have a lot of them and I should know cos all I have done for the last few days is gaze at them!

I am so very proud and amazed at our dogs and taking a step back, take photo and then you realise yourself.

We have a field with the guys free running, supervised of course and we pick a dog ask them to come over and to lie down. We then hold them still before descaling their restraint other than to keep their heads still so I don't damage their gums. Rarely do we have any fuss occasionally I need Sam to help if they are wrigglers I don't mind as many are just learning to trust us with this.

It is so claustrophobic as I have to crouch over them, face close to theirs you would think they would struggle yet they just put up with Nanny messing in their mouths.


Here are some photos and the ones that were done or didn't need any descaling haha.
Esther not helping by making it clear she is doing it under sufference haha
Stanley watching over us

Clever dogs

Boiling over yet still not out of control yey Harvey

A first for us with Harvey he has NEVER let us handle his mouth
Nell having a mouth check her first with us
Clever Nell her first time
Now Nanny are you sure you are doing that right?
Molly has poor teeth and you can clearly see she isn't comfortable yet
she lets me, we have lots of breaks and cuddles afterwards
Check out Sophie gently removing the scaler from her mouth with her paw
Hugo is clearly quality control
Don't be smug guys your time will come
My what big teef you have Sophie
You young lady do not clean your teeth twice a day!

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