Thursday, 1 March 2012

Leap year

I do believe the dogs have taken the leap year theme to heart....They seem to be bouncing out of their skins which is fantastic to see.

Despite being very disappointed at losing seven dogs to redundancies and break ups it has given us a moment to take breath. Rather than rushing out to get more dogs we are advertising ( vital lesson learned last year after our impostors aggravation) though waiting for the right dogs. We have a happy band of dogs ( And I hope owners) I don't want to risk upsetting that.

Flute and Tips have been hilarious this week or rather the guys chasing my guys have been hilarious this week. I have had extra jobs this week so have unusually used the field three days running. The first day was doing some work with four fab pups, I love the fact our guys just see it as new friends, enjoying getting to know them and new games they inevitably play. Second day was stripping Tallulah Mc Flurry and today was maintenance day.

Tues with the training dogs showed me just how far the guy shave come. A lovely balance of excited yet controlled and even when they were flying around chasing Flute and Lloyd( the visiting staffie) not a bad word was said. Lloyd like many dogs didn't know how to handle Leylas noises so he had to learn she wasn't growling. Sula the visiting saluki cross lab was a sweetie and enjoyed joining my boys whilst they were vole hunting. Reg the border wasn't particularly impressed his usual strategies got him a spell on the leader but he took it very well and best of all changed to suit the day. Holly the westie was reactive and a bit gung ho but the sight of her trying her very very best to catch Flute is a sight I will not forget for a long time!

Wednesday was probably the funniest day. Robbie or wobbly as he is often known came with Jet pack the lab and Tallulah. Jet pack knows some of our guys from his puppy days so he bowled in in his usually bullish fashion and found himself with five daft labs wantin gthe exact same game...not what he is used to. It was great to see him go from bullish to polite full on lab without me intervening and no fuss. Wobbly by now was in full on passion mission with his new girlfriend Willow, they ran, they rolled, they wrestled and she told him to dismount and he promptly did! Again so nice to be able to observe rather than control. Once Cait headed off and left me with the hairy yak Flute managed to catch his first ever Vole. He placed it in front of Tips and the game was on....round and round they ran picking up dogs as they ran( not literally they just joined in). Lola and Truffle had a look off complete and utter desperation whilst Louie tried all he could to find a sixth gear. Once well ahead Flute popped the dead vole down waiting for Poppy and Truffle to fall for it, quickly he snatched it up again and off they went again. By the fifth lap it was silent apart from the panting, no yipping not a peep.

Tips was right in the middle enjoying the chase and once Truffle managed to wrap Flute in her seductive paw and snatch the vole away and swallow it before I could say 'Tr..." Tips and Flute headed off for another hunt. Tips is a joy, he loves to be chased with our guys whereas at home he has to do the chasing with Flute catching him by grabbing his coat!

After a mooch about I noticed they were again mixing and matching in different partnerships ...Truffle and Harvey were rough housing, Millypoo, Poppy and Nell were hanging about although Millypoo only has eyes for Poppy. Maddie and Soph were having a rake about and mont was getting full on with the labs. Jasper spoilt himself by bullying my big dope so had a trip back to the van and the inevitable boring walk.

Today they took a moment of two to examine each other to make sure evil nannies hadn't done any harm then they started to mooch, soon they were splitting up with Oscar and Minnie checking what we were doing. Leyla and Flute were doing the run between vans and I tried not to look whilst Flute tried to join Leyla under the vans. Tips and the labs were running ears flapping tongues lolling though Tips did peel off a couple of times to chase an annoying crow before heading off to escort someone down the line( human on line and Tips and Truff trotting on the inside of the fence!). Flute was convinced he was hunting big game then tried a spot of digging only to be thwarted once more by Nannies. Roly was incredibly calm although at one point he tried to body slam can imagine how well that worked Great Dane head banged by Border/ pug. Roly seemed to enjoy it immensely and I am not sure Murphy noticed so they carried on their sweet way winding each other up. Poppy, Lola and Esther were making up games, sometimes tag, sometimes changed by the minute yet all seemed to know what was going to happen next and the rules. Stan supervised me whilst doing Elsie or Winnie but didn't panic so he then headed off for some full on play with Elsie once finished.

I just love to see happy dogs....I also love that spent look when they have used up their excess energy, ran their legs off and just feel at peace. Some just want to mooch and take in the smells, after a good walk Izzy just lay in the sun, I could have snuggled up with her! Esther and Harry both like to take a moment to just sit or lie down and watch....just like us. I often wonder what they see and think most days you can see what they feel and think....

Today was a pleasure, to just watch....very little input.. and enjoy.

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