Tuesday, 13 March 2012


The outside toilet! Tips a little bemused
Flute finally gets the idea
Yup 3am has finished them off
Awww kisses for the boy, he lives with my boys brother Woody
Kisses for mum Lotti
Their role letting people meet Ibizan hounds and ask questions about them
Tips was not impressed with the Pokemon
Flute was not impressed with the three AM start
Flute's typical version of introduction....
Pork sandwich lust
A photo from the Crufts Facebook page...Tips in his favourite position
Looks like the boys and their mum have a fan!
Sharing the bed with the boys, first time they've met
A still from Flute's debut on TV

Urm what o say about this still from the tv?! Once you get over seeing Flutes ears check out the woman's face!

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