Thursday, 2 February 2012

Taking a moment

Today we took a moment or two to just breath.

Great fun!

I had to post a picture off so the girls set off on their first walk then we all took the little people and a couple of others who could enjoy a mooch. Alex chose Minnie, Sam Mick and I had Roly and Layla. Armed with enthusiasm and a mixture of hotdogs, cat food( hypoallergenic) and nice dog food( hypoallergenic). Sam worked on Mick's sits, recalls and heel work. Mostly it was about him working with a big distraction....Minnie. Alex worked on Minnie's sit, stay and recall she did well despite doing the 'if I pretend you aren't there will you go away and let me go back to Mick?' at first. I had Roly and Layla. Roly knows it all but needs more work on 'calm' and not expecting high excitement. Layla we worked on sit and her name.

Whilst doing this Mila ( she is still intermittently lame) mooched about with her mates Tash, Elsie staff, Willow, Oscar and Hugo. What was nice was they were all learning as well. No mugging the sweeties and IF you sit quietly you will actually be rewarded for that too just because! Willow was brave and joined in with Alex and Minnie, Oscar and Hugo worked out they could work us all and get three times the amount Tash did her own thing dipping in for a cuddle now and again. Elsie was so lovely and calm so when Roly was allowed free play for being soooo calm and relaxed he was as surprised as she was when they found themselves gently trotting alongside each other without blasting around.

Our final walk was helped/ hindered whilst waiting for a customer pick up so we again took advantage of hanging around by altering the start of the walk and did some training. Sirus has been a treasure and rather than shooting off hung around wondering what he could do to earn more sweeties! With Alex manning the gate, Sam at her van and me at mine we had all the cage doors open and waited. Everydog stayed in so sweeties were dished out like trick or treat!

We invited each dog individually, rewarded with cuddles or treats and sent them to Alex( go to Alex) bless them everyone did just that! Soon all the dogs were out including mine uninvited so back they sulked into the van ( Tips tried the doe eyes at Sam, you should have seen his face when Sam didn't fall for it and he begrudgingly popped back in the van whilst yodelling his disgust).

Soon we had Truffle boing boinging ( video will be posted once perfected), Oscar was spinning on his hind legs, Lola balancing beautifully and Charlie was free offering a sit up bless him. It was so nice for all of us to have the time to just stop do some play and then start the walk....Now Alex has finished her beating ( no I haven't been taking a stick to her it is a shooting term) duties we can book her more to fit in more play/ training sessions.

Flute and Tips were joined for a long walk this morning at the deer park and all were very good. Flute enjoyed his training and when we were joined by a collie bitch and then a lurcher cross and a westie soon after I let Flute off as he was trying his hardest to blast with his new mates.....He ran and the lurcher ran and then the lurcher came back and then........nothing. Oh goodie gum drops. Damn that blingy waistcoat I do so love to wear. hoping they hadn't seen my logo I waited and was promptly goosed! Turning round slightly indignant there was Flute with the gooniest look on his face! He had ran straight around in a loop and was playing with the westie! Once he had his fill of hotdogs we headed back with Beau mourning for his new found love though if asked I doubt he would remember her face dirty boy!

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