Monday, 20 February 2012

A spot of training

Been quite productive weekend with the boys, I decided I needed to do more training but realtime training….

So i took them to rabbit garden in the vain hope I could snatch a moments attention from them…I am so pleased I did because it didn't take half as long to get them to look at me. Of course I was loaded with duck treats and hotdogs!

Next I did some training in the fields with the stock, not a peepI am delighted to say so next plan was hunt the Howlett.

Now Hunt the Howlett hasn't been high on Flutes priority it has to be said so I wasn't hoping for much…

The horses fields are two fields they are divided up by a large tall stone wall. One of these paddocks, next to the barn, is divided by a temporary fence which the guys can get under. The barn has two storeys though I rarely go upstairs after falling through! No one can get upstairs as it is closed off to all but me.

So I wait until they are playing, this actually involves Flute playing the rabbit and Tips running after him trying to catch him via his tail or side. Then they wrestle, Tips sets off only to be caught by Flute via his neck or side and off they set off again. So they are playing and I decided to hide behind the old barn. I whistle and try not to pant, how loud do I breath for goodness sake? I wait and hear them run past, through the barn out the other side and along to other field by leaping the stone wall. Ella no long flickers and she enjoys the boys company. By now I am getting restless though feel the urge to chuckle and then realise they are on their way back as Zaffi who definitely doesn't enjoy the hounds is currently doing catch the hound game…

Now the exciting part is both stopped their game and are hunting me down, albeit completely unsuccessfully. I give them a clue and whistle. They give me a full face snog ( burgh do they have to eat horse poo) give me love scratches down my front and back and the look on their faces reminds me of the two funny muppets who are in the video ' you are my sunshine my only sunshine'.

So now it is harder cos they know I might just disappear so I get stuck into jobs and they soon get bored…So I nip round back of shed run ( wheeze) to the top field and tried to not fall over Ella who was wondering what the haste was for…..we ran together her a lot more elegantly matching stride for stride and I longed myself down next to the hawthorn with Ella wondering what the hell her mad owner was up to now….mmm not so great for hiding when your horse is practically holding a neon arrow up. I Whistle and Ella starts to nibble my feet, I wait whilst Ella then tries Spanish walk. Both bored I see them jump the wall, or rather Tips jumps the wall and Flute stands on top surveying the area. I sit tight whilst ella watches the antics of the hounds.

Once found Tips was past himself cos Ella was still standing beside me so I give them hugs and I have perfect unasked heelwork all the way back to the barn! Hide and seek game has ended these guys are not letting me out of their sight and we managed a good walk by side walk home.

The following day I had a lovely ride on Zaffi. Now Zaffi may be the dog chaser ( badger/ pheasant/ fox/ sheepdog) in the field she is a complete darling when ridden so on the way back I picked up the lads. Zaffi did seem a little taken aback to be waiting in the driveway of our cottage and even more so when she was greeting by two excited hounds kissing her muzzle.

Off we set and soon the settled into a walk beside her with the odd skit about when she snorted ( Tips) or when a smell hit their long noses ( Flute) I am not sure who was more pleased! Bruce made me laugh when he asked me if they had been with me the whole ride….steady on Bruce one step at a time…

I have to admit to being buoyant on our little sessions I enjoy them and it means I am building a foundation.

So now I would really like to work on their downs, I do love their downs …there is a pattern. They go into a bow, they then stretch and yawn dramatically and then unfortunately for us they stretch further and trumpet like old men….blurgh!

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