Monday, 13 February 2012

I think otherwise

I am naughty as you all know cos I put a human description to our dogs actions, known as Anthropomorphism, is it currently deemed an ultimate sin in dog training circles. Just as Dominance is. I can understand peoples reservations because we are humans and dogs are dogs. Yet I want to empathise with them and in order to do this I put words to their actions. Of course I fluff it up sometimes but I am happy I am doing no injustice to them.

They say dogs don't feel embarrassment, don't lie and many don't agree on animals having emotions. My bott they don't have emotions. It scares me somewhat that scientists who are supposed to deal only in facts treat humans as a separate being not just mammals like many other. Emotions are there for a reason surely, we are a social ANIMAL and many of the animals we share our lives with are social animals so emotions to me are products of social cohesion.

How many of you have seen a dog do something embarrassing and look around to see who has seen this act or indeed even get somewhat grumpy with a dog next to them. Scientists may say this is down to survival instinct again I say pants, that dog was embarrassed!

I am currently reading and ranting at BBC Wildlife magazine, it is a great article but I can't believe they need to discuss whether they do indeed have emotions. Are humans really that far removed from their genes. We are mammals full stop. WE use tools, yup so do birds and other mammals, we use speak urm yup so do many others I believe they build up conversations of sorts into song, even sex is used as a bargaining tool ( I wouldn't dream of doing that of course hehe) so that is my theory and I am sticking to it. So there.

So next time I talk about the guys and gals in a human manner and it makes you cringe, just see it for what it is and have a laugh, not enough laughing in this world.....

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