Monday, 13 February 2012

A funny relationship

Lola and Etsher still playing in the distance whilst Willow heads back

Willow and Esther full on playing whilst Lola catches up not one to be left out of the fun.

I just love how the guys change so much as time goes on.

Esther and Lola as pups just loved each other in fact they only had eyes for each other.

Then they fell out, they widened their horizons and made new friends and like most young teenage girls they didn't just ignore each other they pretended to ignore each other. Both were jealous if they each played with other dogs but wouldn't play with each other.

Now for some reason they are pals again and now there is a hanger on, a much enjoyed hanger on. Willow likes to be a threesome, one on one is reserved for her first love, housemate Charlie. She is brave enough to join in with two playing but not so keen on hard fun one on one.

So we have Lola and Esther playing hell for leather ears a flapping, tails whizzing and Willow dashes in has a bit romp and then she shoots off and watches, over and over again she does this joining in the taking a breath as if to saw, 'phew that was fun'. The girls love it as it ups the anti a little and now they make sure she is around when they start playing.

Wonder how long this beautiful relationship will last haha.

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