Monday, 20 February 2012

A spot of training

Been quite productive weekend with the boys, I decided I needed to do more training but realtime training….

So i took them to rabbit garden in the vain hope I could snatch a moments attention from them…I am so pleased I did because it didn't take half as long to get them to look at me. Of course I was loaded with duck treats and hotdogs!

Next I did some training in the fields with the stock, not a peepI am delighted to say so next plan was hunt the Howlett.

Now Hunt the Howlett hasn't been high on Flutes priority it has to be said so I wasn't hoping for much…

The horses fields are two fields they are divided up by a large tall stone wall. One of these paddocks, next to the barn, is divided by a temporary fence which the guys can get under. The barn has two storeys though I rarely go upstairs after falling through! No one can get upstairs as it is closed off to all but me.

So I wait until they are playing, this actually involves Flute playing the rabbit and Tips running after him trying to catch him via his tail or side. Then they wrestle, Tips sets off only to be caught by Flute via his neck or side and off they set off again. So they are playing and I decided to hide behind the old barn. I whistle and try not to pant, how loud do I breath for goodness sake? I wait and hear them run past, through the barn out the other side and along to other field by leaping the stone wall. Ella no long flickers and she enjoys the boys company. By now I am getting restless though feel the urge to chuckle and then realise they are on their way back as Zaffi who definitely doesn't enjoy the hounds is currently doing catch the hound game…

Now the exciting part is both stopped their game and are hunting me down, albeit completely unsuccessfully. I give them a clue and whistle. They give me a full face snog ( burgh do they have to eat horse poo) give me love scratches down my front and back and the look on their faces reminds me of the two funny muppets who are in the video ' you are my sunshine my only sunshine'.

So now it is harder cos they know I might just disappear so I get stuck into jobs and they soon get bored…So I nip round back of shed run ( wheeze) to the top field and tried to not fall over Ella who was wondering what the haste was for…..we ran together her a lot more elegantly matching stride for stride and I longed myself down next to the hawthorn with Ella wondering what the hell her mad owner was up to now….mmm not so great for hiding when your horse is practically holding a neon arrow up. I Whistle and Ella starts to nibble my feet, I wait whilst Ella then tries Spanish walk. Both bored I see them jump the wall, or rather Tips jumps the wall and Flute stands on top surveying the area. I sit tight whilst ella watches the antics of the hounds.

Once found Tips was past himself cos Ella was still standing beside me so I give them hugs and I have perfect unasked heelwork all the way back to the barn! Hide and seek game has ended these guys are not letting me out of their sight and we managed a good walk by side walk home.

The following day I had a lovely ride on Zaffi. Now Zaffi may be the dog chaser ( badger/ pheasant/ fox/ sheepdog) in the field she is a complete darling when ridden so on the way back I picked up the lads. Zaffi did seem a little taken aback to be waiting in the driveway of our cottage and even more so when she was greeting by two excited hounds kissing her muzzle.

Off we set and soon the settled into a walk beside her with the odd skit about when she snorted ( Tips) or when a smell hit their long noses ( Flute) I am not sure who was more pleased! Bruce made me laugh when he asked me if they had been with me the whole ride….steady on Bruce one step at a time…

I have to admit to being buoyant on our little sessions I enjoy them and it means I am building a foundation.

So now I would really like to work on their downs, I do love their downs …there is a pattern. They go into a bow, they then stretch and yawn dramatically and then unfortunately for us they stretch further and trumpet like old men….blurgh!

More photo updates

Updated photos: unfortunately I can't send you link for Sam's photos unless of course you go on Facebook!


Sam phoned me today, somewhat aghast I checked my phone for faults I even considered phoning her back. Surely it can't be true, can it?

She was phoning about Jasper Bloody Beagle. There was no fault on my phone, I didn't need to check my hearing and it definitely isn't April the 1st. Be afraid be very afraid.

She said quite simply ' I have a cracking photo of Jasper and he has been very good today'.

Yup be afraid the way of the world means Jasper being good means someone else's dog has to go completely haywire, could it be yours?!

Now doesn't that photo make you chuckle, Jasper what are you like?!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Space available

We currently have rare spaces available for new Petnanny dogs, special dogs only need apply!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sweet Valentine

We are so very lucky you know cos we all have love, it may come in a waggy tail package when some of us want it in a conventional form!

I had to share these lovely message from two of our guys :

Poppy Feral-Puppy:

Roses are red
violets are blue
Will you still gimme kisses
If I eat stinky poo....?? ♥

Growly Rowly:

To Nannies Caroline, Sam & Alex ...
I weally weally wuff you
I weally weally do
& when I growl I wuff you
It's weally weally true
I'm filled with admiration for all the things you do
& I treasure my days at Petnanny
Cos I'm so in wuff with you
♥ ♥ ♥

Makes the heart glad doesn't it hehe

Monday, 13 February 2012

I think otherwise

I am naughty as you all know cos I put a human description to our dogs actions, known as Anthropomorphism, is it currently deemed an ultimate sin in dog training circles. Just as Dominance is. I can understand peoples reservations because we are humans and dogs are dogs. Yet I want to empathise with them and in order to do this I put words to their actions. Of course I fluff it up sometimes but I am happy I am doing no injustice to them.

They say dogs don't feel embarrassment, don't lie and many don't agree on animals having emotions. My bott they don't have emotions. It scares me somewhat that scientists who are supposed to deal only in facts treat humans as a separate being not just mammals like many other. Emotions are there for a reason surely, we are a social ANIMAL and many of the animals we share our lives with are social animals so emotions to me are products of social cohesion.

How many of you have seen a dog do something embarrassing and look around to see who has seen this act or indeed even get somewhat grumpy with a dog next to them. Scientists may say this is down to survival instinct again I say pants, that dog was embarrassed!

I am currently reading and ranting at BBC Wildlife magazine, it is a great article but I can't believe they need to discuss whether they do indeed have emotions. Are humans really that far removed from their genes. We are mammals full stop. WE use tools, yup so do birds and other mammals, we use speak urm yup so do many others I believe they build up conversations of sorts into song, even sex is used as a bargaining tool ( I wouldn't dream of doing that of course hehe) so that is my theory and I am sticking to it. So there.

So next time I talk about the guys and gals in a human manner and it makes you cringe, just see it for what it is and have a laugh, not enough laughing in this world.....

A funny relationship

Lola and Etsher still playing in the distance whilst Willow heads back

Willow and Esther full on playing whilst Lola catches up not one to be left out of the fun.

I just love how the guys change so much as time goes on.

Esther and Lola as pups just loved each other in fact they only had eyes for each other.

Then they fell out, they widened their horizons and made new friends and like most young teenage girls they didn't just ignore each other they pretended to ignore each other. Both were jealous if they each played with other dogs but wouldn't play with each other.

Now for some reason they are pals again and now there is a hanger on, a much enjoyed hanger on. Willow likes to be a threesome, one on one is reserved for her first love, housemate Charlie. She is brave enough to join in with two playing but not so keen on hard fun one on one.

So we have Lola and Esther playing hell for leather ears a flapping, tails whizzing and Willow dashes in has a bit romp and then she shoots off and watches, over and over again she does this joining in the taking a breath as if to saw, 'phew that was fun'. The girls love it as it ups the anti a little and now they make sure she is around when they start playing.

Wonder how long this beautiful relationship will last haha.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Some interesting adverts

french bulldog..





hi, we are looking to give a forever home to a french bulldog, prefer female and speyed - although we would not refuse a male.
no paperwork is necessary as she/he is for a pet home only.
must be good with children and other bitches.
age is not important either.
there is someone home 24/7 so she/he would never be left alone.
we would also happily keep in touch with the previous owner to let you know how she/he is getting on and send pics.
if you need to rehome your french bulldog - please spare us a thought.
thank you for taking the time to read this..


American Bulldog

FREE to good expierienced home! she needs a home with no kids with a secure garden! she is a indoor dog, very lovn just wants 2 play fetch 247. she is starting 2 show signs of aggresion towards people and dogs so needs someone strong and willing to put some training into her! mature adults only, 3 yrs old, spade.


fluffy little puppy




hello there i would really appreciate if any one has a little fluffy dog as i have a friend that has been diagnosed with an incurable illness and really needs the company throughout the day please help if you can free to good home only. thankyou




wanted older pug or chiwawa





wanted free to good home older pug or chiwawa, forever home. must be house trained good with kids and other dogs, will be loved and well looked after, if u can help please ring me. as my emails not working at the mo. also waneted boston terrier must be an older dog. if u can help me please ring me thank you. can be spayed or neautered, as for company not breeding. will consider other small dogs as i had to put my last dog to sleep as due to age. so any dog that u can help me with would be great loving home forever.




Free to good home Jack rustle


he is a loving dog but can be grumpy prefer not to home with children due to his white with brown patche and a brown face.

genuine reason for rehoming.

please contact me

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Taking a moment

Today we took a moment or two to just breath.

Great fun!

I had to post a picture off so the girls set off on their first walk then we all took the little people and a couple of others who could enjoy a mooch. Alex chose Minnie, Sam Mick and I had Roly and Layla. Armed with enthusiasm and a mixture of hotdogs, cat food( hypoallergenic) and nice dog food( hypoallergenic). Sam worked on Mick's sits, recalls and heel work. Mostly it was about him working with a big distraction....Minnie. Alex worked on Minnie's sit, stay and recall she did well despite doing the 'if I pretend you aren't there will you go away and let me go back to Mick?' at first. I had Roly and Layla. Roly knows it all but needs more work on 'calm' and not expecting high excitement. Layla we worked on sit and her name.

Whilst doing this Mila ( she is still intermittently lame) mooched about with her mates Tash, Elsie staff, Willow, Oscar and Hugo. What was nice was they were all learning as well. No mugging the sweeties and IF you sit quietly you will actually be rewarded for that too just because! Willow was brave and joined in with Alex and Minnie, Oscar and Hugo worked out they could work us all and get three times the amount Tash did her own thing dipping in for a cuddle now and again. Elsie was so lovely and calm so when Roly was allowed free play for being soooo calm and relaxed he was as surprised as she was when they found themselves gently trotting alongside each other without blasting around.

Our final walk was helped/ hindered whilst waiting for a customer pick up so we again took advantage of hanging around by altering the start of the walk and did some training. Sirus has been a treasure and rather than shooting off hung around wondering what he could do to earn more sweeties! With Alex manning the gate, Sam at her van and me at mine we had all the cage doors open and waited. Everydog stayed in so sweeties were dished out like trick or treat!

We invited each dog individually, rewarded with cuddles or treats and sent them to Alex( go to Alex) bless them everyone did just that! Soon all the dogs were out including mine uninvited so back they sulked into the van ( Tips tried the doe eyes at Sam, you should have seen his face when Sam didn't fall for it and he begrudgingly popped back in the van whilst yodelling his disgust).

Soon we had Truffle boing boinging ( video will be posted once perfected), Oscar was spinning on his hind legs, Lola balancing beautifully and Charlie was free offering a sit up bless him. It was so nice for all of us to have the time to just stop do some play and then start the walk....Now Alex has finished her beating ( no I haven't been taking a stick to her it is a shooting term) duties we can book her more to fit in more play/ training sessions.

Flute and Tips were joined for a long walk this morning at the deer park and all were very good. Flute enjoyed his training and when we were joined by a collie bitch and then a lurcher cross and a westie soon after I let Flute off as he was trying his hardest to blast with his new mates.....He ran and the lurcher ran and then the lurcher came back and then........nothing. Oh goodie gum drops. Damn that blingy waistcoat I do so love to wear. hoping they hadn't seen my logo I waited and was promptly goosed! Turning round slightly indignant there was Flute with the gooniest look on his face! He had ran straight around in a loop and was playing with the westie! Once he had his fill of hotdogs we headed back with Beau mourning for his new found love though if asked I doubt he would remember her face dirty boy!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Corny I know

I know it is corny but I am going to say it anyway....

Petnanny is 14 years old today and it is all down to us.

From the lady who didn't want to pay after me looking after her two poop eating cockers that lived in a very spacious ten bedroomed house, to Nero our long serving Italian owned dog. Each and every person and dog has made Petnanny.

I have seen some seriously interesting sights and learnt so much about me never mind animals in general.

So thank you to all who have been involved, used or indeed annoyed Petnanny!

Here's for many more years to come, fingers firmly ( and carefully not forgetting my recovering dislocation) crossed.