Monday, 16 January 2012

Whilst I wait

Whilst I wait impatiently for my van to defrost ( her engine not her windscreen she is currently sporting a heater and a battery charger under her bonnet) I thought I'd put my usual 5.45am start to good use.

Sam and I were having a good catch up yesterday, as we always do at the end of a day, about the dogs and we started on a familiar subject...naughty dogs.

Jasper has been a long term dog and we know him so very well yet many aspects of what he does not only makes us chuckle it also makes us somewhat bemused. Not Jasper isn't any ol' dog or indeed any ol' beagle. He is one of our best dogs. Once you have got your self off the floor I can explain why. He has THE best sit stay, walk to heel, recall yes I said recall..Beagles have a wicked reputation for having no recall this is of course down to their superior scenting skills, relentless attitude and sheer enthusiasm for life. Just like all driven dogs recall is HARDER with these breeds yet they an be more reliable once you get it....or maybe they are just so old by the time you crack it they can't be bothered to run away hehe.

He is also one of our worst dogs ( got you wondering who the others are haven't I, be afraid be very afraid). Won't sit, stay, heel and definitely won't shut up!

We have a routine. Open the back doors and it is like opening a feed bag in front of a barn full of pigs the noise hits you. So we wait until we have a suggestion of quiet. He then can progress to sitting by the van. Often we don't get to this stage! ( Back up plan is to get him out and in and out and in). He has to sit whilst every other dog gets out of the van before he can join us. He usually does until the door shuts. So he gets up and we put him in van. At least I am not being sued for noise damage to Sam's hearing. When he does get up he comes for a walk.

Of course once out on the walk they don't just get off. We walk them to heel, no badgering each other then they sit. Calm. Then off they go either together or individually ensuring, despite the excitement, they aren't too gaga.

Needless to say Jasper does the barge, the storming walk, the Bay bay bay gob and of course the dance. He sits like a statue of course cos it is just so close......

So the ponderer is.....if he is just about to lose everything and be taken back to the van why does he suddenly become champion the wonder beagle? He goes quiet, he becomes invincible not a fault not a peep....actually that isn't what I ponder...what I ponder is why doesn't he just run off at every opportunity he can, when he is made to sit quiet, or told to sit way back when he refuses to listen? He could get exactly what he wants by just running! I recon he is a gambler. He should go to those gamblers anonymous meetings. What is the fun of doing as asked first time and getting to play with his mates every time when he can try and change the rules, change the whole game and even win that game occasionally. We are consistently reliable, relentlessly solid when we handle him but the one thing he can't resist is the what if!

Mmmm now Sirus Sirus makes sense. He is a bull headed lump of a dalmation. If he wants he gets by hook or by crook, bless him he is fighting a tide of stubborn women. You open the van door and as soon as one dog gets out he will risk jumping out, why? Cos one of those days he won't be the only one dog running down the field so for that brief moment he gets just what he wants when he wants it. Adrenalin pumping, legs burning before the witches return him to his rightful place. Of course we don't set him up to fail. He won't do it if he is tied up, or even if he is on a long line( pretending he isn't tied up) and of course we practise a lot with dogs who recall super fast so his dash is very short lived.

What we do is wait for him to learn the dash and his game lasts as long as that one walk no play just toilet stops.

Then we have the sod off....why recall if he knows the game ends as soon as he does.....that makes sense he wants to grab the entertainment he can. Then we go and spoil it by stopping all games calling the guys in and then it is us and him! Sirus makes sense but he is losing his battle. Jasper doesn't and at times I do wonder....maybe we are addicted to the yoyo that is Jasper haha.

Well time to check if the greenhouse heater has worked its magic....bad bad van

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