Monday, 9 January 2012

Where are you heading?

A lady said to me today, in conversation, about me being intermediate whilst she is at the pinnacle of her career. Not only is she at the pinnacle it happens to be a very high knowledgeable peek! I wasn't at all offended at this comment as I am indeed in the comfortable middle. Whilst many people call this mediocre I do not. I have a place. This may not be training people on Tv or winning competitions at Cruft's, mine might just be making a few dogs happy, a few customers less stressed and me striving to be as good as I can be.

Of course this doesn't mean I don't work hard to be as brilliant as I may be, I just don't have that desperate drive to be the best over and above all.

One lady I met not so long ago also made me think long and hard. She introduced her pup as a dog that was going to Olympia, his life was to be shaped for that goal. Whilst I understood, it felt so alien. What would happen if that didn't materialise? What would be the consequences?

Then of course I thought some more, we all have expectations whether it be from our children, our horses, our friends or our dogs. They range from the lowest expectation to the ultimate and everything in between. How many dogs end up in kennels when their expectations have been so out of place with the individual involved? Be it from too high expectations or too little input and preparation to reach that goal.

I have decided to make a conscious choice. Whilst wanting a lot for and from my guys I am not going to allow expectations to take over, to make what is a beautiful thing into something disappointing and a little less than it should be. So what if Flute and Tips aren't a Mary Ray special. They need to be better than they are now, to fit my expectations and yet in many ways they have already exceeded them.

If I want something badly enough go out and get it but don't give up if along the way you have to revise your goal a little.

So thank you my dear lady for reminding me that being intermediate or normal isn't such a bad place to be...there still plenty room to improve. I will watch those people who pay so dear to be where they need to be and learn as much as I can from them.

Right time to get back to that sit challenge!

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