Thursday, 5 January 2012

First trip to the field proper

First proper trip to the field 2012.

They were more than a little excited! I was perfectly happy that once in the field they would be happy to blast with their friends so I wanted to focus on the van and manners. Obviously we would have to watch for the high adrenalin dogs like Roly, Elsie staff and Lola whilst we were busy.

So todays lesson was calm. Don't jump out of van uninvited. Sit.

This involved Sam watching the gateway ( and everything else) and me opening the cage doors and waiting. Now I don't want to ask them to wait I want them to learn themselves to know they are only allowed out when touched on neck and or called by name.

So we opened the cage door and unsurprisingly Jasper, Sirus and Harry jumped out. All were quietly put back in.

Every dog that stayed in was asked out individually and then asked to sit. The gate to the field was then opened and any dog still sitting was allowed free play with their pals in the field any dogs who did not stay in their sit was gently popped back in van. I often let them know how many chances to succeed they have so after two goes I will say either LAST chance or One left.

Sirus and Harry did very well on their second try and did as asked so joined the guys in the field for pure Petnanny delight. Jasper continued to jump out and couldn't sit so he was told he had no chances left....Fluffed!

My van was like yoyo's Charlie therefore Willow jumped out Charlie fluffed completely so was left in van whilst my guy had their time in field only allowed out afterwards once he succeeded after a break. Roly jumped out but reprieved himself only to fluff by not sitting and wasted all his chances so he was walked with Mila who is still a bit sore. Willow made only one mistake so enjoyed her time blasting. Chubby jumped out but after a second try he did very well and he is newer to this game so pleased enough with the big lump.

We did notice that the dogs in the field who had done as asked were playing well though a couple were caught out for bullying or trying to control the gate. The high excitement of their pals being let out of the van can send some of the hyper guys over the edge so we had to supervise the likes of Harv and Nanci who like to rahhhh at people as they come in.

Considering their time off I was pleased with them though I have to admit it is frustrating when it is the usual suspects!

So aside from the gate/ door/ car training you could practise are you up for a challenge? See below for the sit challenge:

I am certainly going to try it so why don't you join me...lets face it knowing Flute and Tips it will certainly be interesting!

If you want to practise the car door training always ensure even when your dog jumps out they are safe. Set yourself up to succeed yet let them make mistakes.

Have a long lead on the pup.

Open the door and when the dog jumps out don't pull back just gently pop the dog back in. continue to do this until you see any sign of him hesitating, if you clicker train click the second the dog hesitates remember to reward whilst dog in car.
Your dog will learn slowly but surely to not see the door being open or opened as a free for all.

Use a signal to show the dog when it is safe and ok to leave the car. We use name and a touch just on the top boney part of their head.

Good luck
And Happy New Year

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