Thursday, 1 December 2011


It is with great sadness and regret that I have to say that Sky is no longer with us.

At a whopping 14 years old he was a great age especially for his breed. Only it doesn't help much that he was a great age it doesn't stop the ache that they leave behind.

When I first met him he was definitely unimpressed with us, he was used to his routine and we simply came along and shot that to pieces. How dare us! First was the issue of his bed. His bed was Debbie's bed and he would get off it when he was good and ready. No Sky has always had an impeccable temperament but you don't mess with his mummy love.

We came to a fairly amicable agreement that if he didn't want to get off the bed I would take the edges of the duvet and effectively deposit him on his feet on the floor. He took it all in good grace I have to say unceremonious though it was.

Another peculiarity was his travelling habits. He pretty much barked at the top of his voice the whole way there. Now you can imagine that wasn't going to be conducive to a happy nanny / dog relationship so we bit by bit managed to deal with that though he still loved to shout with his mum.

I also remember well the very enthusiastic thank you's when I managed to trim his nails. Now he faffed and huffed, complained and whined as only whinerarmers can but I am used to dogs being like that at first so I just got cracking and soon enough it was done. Debbie however was gobsmacked as he usually had to be held down by at least a nurse and a vet to do his nails. Ignorance of course is bliss. Maybe he was just so shocked at the bloody cheek of me haha. I never had any more problems with him with his nails and the bedroom tantrums are just a distant memory.

I loved the first time I was allowed to give him a polite peck on the nose which soon came a kiss then he would even come to me for a kiss. A special honour indeed and treat as such I love the aloof dogs who choose to share rather than offer it to all.

You can't help notice those ears always flapping even if there isn't a breathe of wind and like silk, his nose was always in the air scenting all those magical things we humans haven't a hope to smell. I will never forget his kind face and his amazing show trot, he always trotted with great pride as if he were entering the grand arena at Crufts.

It seems the more you go through with a dog and owner, the more they become firmly attached to your heart, I often wonder how much room there is in there yet there is always more room. I just hope that losing Sky doesn't mean we lose his mum from the Petnanny family she has been around and watched many of Sky's pals come and go.

To say goodbye is the hardest part and I hope he is running or rather trotting ears flapping nose in the air with his great pal Grace the Dalmation, Swift and Buck at the deer park giving those pesky rabbits a bit aggravation!

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  1. thankyou loved his nannies and his adventures with his friends
    i miss everything about him his smile,his kisses,the way he had to be touching me wherever we he collected my clothes and took them to bed with him.. i have never known such a loving gentle dog.. we were all blessed to be allowed into his world ..x debb x