Friday, 16 December 2011

A quick roundup actually not quick at all....A long round up not finished haha

I thought it would be nice to do a round up of the guys, we hear snippets about them throughout the year though rarely is everyone mentioned.

I won't start with Flute and Tips or we know there will not be enough time to post about everyone else!

Tash our dear old girl seems to have recovered well from her vestibular attack, she is hard of hearing and not just by choice! She is still enjoying her walking though we have changed who she goes out with and she doesn't walk as far or as hard. I think she enjoys her mooching, sniffing more so that is what we do. I do love her long suffering looks when we dare to ask her to obey a command even using the word obey sounds ridiculous when we are talking about Tash.

Harry is his usual daft self, he delights in all fetching games still has that magnetic draw to water as all retrievers seem to have. He is more noisy as he gets older and if he doesn't manage to get to the ball first he is happy to shout his disgust. He does make me laugh when he works himself because Harry working himself means a passage like movement though not at all sombre( Passage is a slow trot with a defined lifting of the legs), you recall him and he stops just before knocking you flat on his back. I can barely believe he is in his seventh year I remember his first walk so vividly.

Nero comes out with us less and less, in fact he only comes out now when he howls non stop and Madeleine gives up and books us in, that boy knows exactly what he wants! As his mum is home it makes sense for him to spend more time at home and he hated to go home early but he really couldn't manage all day so it is nice to know when he is desperate to come out he makes it plain. It is amazing to thing that at ten month old we were told he had no elbow joints and severe hip displasure and would never make old bones. At over eleven( or is he more I forget to add years on as they pass!) he has enjoyed many years of walking mainly because I refused to keep him on the lead and do minimum amount of walking. I am a firm believer that the muscles can support the joints if the joints are lacking in form, what you must do though is keep the dog fit, take care to warm them up and do not play ball games that require twisting and turning.

Taggart is doing well despite having a hormone problem, he too is slowing down his front wrist joints are sore after years of abuse chasing his nemesis….cats! I will never forget the day he ran straight up a vertical garage wall to chase a cat and no he DID NOT catch it as I was baring down on him with all my force to make sure he didn't, his mums face was a picture. He hasn't den his amazing bum slapping move for so long I only hope that is done to the weather rather than a lack of talent or desire!

Poppy and Truffle. Well Poppy will always be held so dear to my heart, not in part due to the time we have spent worrying about her! There is no sign of her cancer returning( fingers as ever firmly crossed) and her sinus problem linked to the chemo is well managed, she is unfortunately due to go in for her Epylis removal under anaesthetic a common boxer/ bull breed problem so hope she comes out of that in her usual bouncy form. She had been madly in love with Harvey though he was unceremoniously dumped last week, wonder if it is her sore mouth? He still looks at her adoringly but Harvey is a fickle creature and soon transferred his affections to two other dogs. She is such a bruiser yet a real pudding and when she stands looking at you you know with the merest hint of invitation she will come, with a wiggle of her head, and bounce you in true tiger style.

Truffle has been a little minx! A true staffie, despite having a dash of something else in her, she is easy to wind up and loves any excuse to have a blast. A very reliable dog I can rely on her to be sweet with other dogs and she was one of the first to be entrusted to give Max the akita a full on play session without fireworks if he over stepped the mark whilst learning. So why has she been a minx? Her enthusiasm has definitely overcome her inhibition, she has started falling out of the van( rum Truffle I have seen that move done many times before with far more subtlety than you manage) pretends she couldn't possibly sit still ( well I couldn't possibly let you off to play or throw the frisbee!) but I do love her enthusiasm and she is a beautiful fun reliable dog with a what the hell attitude you can't help but admire.

Bobby has been most disgruntled whilst at the field…he has had to wear a muzzle. Now the thought of Bobby wearing a muzzle is hilarious but this is to stop him eating too much grass. He then throws it up on a night time passes out and manages to mess everywhere in the process scaring the living daylights of his mum and dad. He is such a softy but that is what is so irresistible. My favourite thing with Bobby is when he decides he is going to play, he makes the most hilarious noises spins like a spinning top and off he goes with the dogs on his heels. I am so pleased his dad managed to get another job, no mean feat these days, as it means our Bobajob is back!

Lola is definitely the moodiest bitch I know though it is a close run thing as Esther is prone to more than the odd mood swing. She comes out bouncing, or slinking like it is exam day at school….she goes in the van looks at who is in and slinks in or thrusts herself in with gusto, it's never down to who is in there it is down to Lola mood of the morning. One thing we can guarantee is Lola is always up for aggravation, for running her heart out and never one for a road leader walk. she loves her darker beagle side tough we do see her puggy side when it comes to cuddles. We are working hard on her frustration control as she has none!

Esther has managed to snap out of her ' I am not playing sniff' stage all very understandable as she has had to adjust to a major life change…called Leo! Being the dog now she has gotten used to her human brother and is back to being a sweetie with a brain. You always have to be one step ahead of her but then that keeps things interesting. She has also acquired a new tactic for initiating play…humping. she humps her chosen playmate and it always works so what a tactic to have.

Louie has grown up to be a real darling, he was not an easy pup and I admit to feeling somewhat frustrated with him. He is such a firm favourite with all the guys and loves to be rabbit though as time passes I have noticed he is becoming the hunter rather than the hunted. He has quite a few males admirers and even worse he isn't the least bit bothered by a bit of sexy banter off them so we have to be chaperones! I do love seeing him jump his garden wall to get into our van.

Harvey is certainly providing lots of entertainment at the moment with his romances, love matches and heart break. He is still a little( take that little comment with a pinch of salt I am being generous) prickly but we know when he is likely to blow and how to manage him, dogs like Harvey teach you not to take things for granted and you learn so much! He seems to be doing fine with his front feet so long may that last as his make up predisposes him to sore toes.

Sophie Doll is simply amazing though I doubt Sam would agree if you ask her after her many trips into the dirtiest puddle only to emerge once cream now mudmonster. Addisons is such a serious condition and yet with management she is doing so well and without doubt enjoys every minute of her mad life. You can't help but laugh at her waddle trot as she heads towards the horizon she does like to adventure though she would prefer us to go a little faster so we would let her get there faster. When it comes to water, mud, puddle and foul smells she beats Harry hands down and her pale cream colour seems to be a challenge for her….

Bertie and Beau, whilst still owning the title ' the Gistapo' are much sweater dogs, Bertie is a real snuggle bug and tries his hardest to keep out of trouble, he does occasionally look for it and comes out smelling of roses at home luckily he doesn't do this with us. Beau is still a sad mixture of extreme arrogance with little self confidence mixed up with more than a dash of indignation. He makes he long for him to let go and actually enjoy himself we see snippets of joy when he chats up Suzy or Tash and they are a prime advert for castration! They have really enjoyed their selfs being walked with just Flute and Tips as they know there is no interest taken in them and they have no interest in mine so they tend to enjoy their walk taking in the smells and scenery.

Jasper! Jasper needs to learn all things come to those that wait and best of all are quiet….he has definitely not learn this yet. He is hilarious t watch when he runs, those ears take a life of their own, his tail mostly a flag becomes a periscope in long grass you follow his progress watching that periscope fly back and forth, of course all of this is always joined by the gob. He has finally decided Murphy is not an alien to be expelled he now sees him as a running challenge both are very similar in many way, those big lugs, flapping lips and legs that never seem to stop only Murphys legs are substantially longer.

Murphy is maturing into a whopping big lump who is actually learning to meet new things with interest instead off fear, we had to teach him to him to go through stiles/ through fences over and under fence out of sheer necessity he is simply too heavy to lift over. once shown he now trusts us to at least try. however he then has to do a leap and lap of honour which usually means scattered dogs and us with tail whipped ears, ow! He is less prone to leg and feet abrasions thankfully though he now seems to get tail rubs! That sums up Murphy he tends to blunder from one problem to another….if a dog was ever going to win mars for enthusiasm Murphy's ya boy.

I am sure Joanne will be delighted to hear Sirus is currently our heathen. If there is a 'wrong' way to do something Sirus will do it, he will then flaunt it only to then have to be rescued, removed or popped onto the leader before we offer him up to any passing stranger( I jest). Now that is not to say he doesn't try and when he tries it is fantastic to watch him at his best. Or maybe it is just cos we don't see it often so we get excited when it happens….the spotted wassick.

Where there is naughty here is always nice….Nanci is just exceptional for a deaf dog she is always let off and we barely have to give her extra consideration as we all know each other so well. She does have her 'I can't hear you' moments which with her means turning away when we give her direction! You can almost see her going 'drat!' when she realises her peek to see if we are still asking was spotted and that means she will have to do it, funny girl. She is both very dog friendly and human friendly so we do have to watch her when we meet people cos she always wants to be their best friend. Her only real vice is sneaky bullying when the frisbee is out but forearmed is forewarned so she is foxed before she gets a chance!

Norman should be an official ambassador for all things staff or bully as no one can be scared or opinionated about Norm. He also should be on weight watchers! He is spoilt and takes things to heart, if there is a raised voice it is clearly his fault, I can just imagine Norman would be a great marriage counsellor you would feel so guilty for upsetting the dogs you'd end up not arguing at home just to keep the dog happy! I long to see him as active as he used to be when he would play with Vinnie for a good forty minutes tumbling over and roughhousing…his games are more sedate which is a shame. Ooh I do love our Norman.

Can I have a rest now? I can feel the need for a leg stretch and a dog walk coming on so I will come back to the updates and chuckle at all their little foibles. You just gotta love 'em and we do!

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