Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hard work

There is no excuse I have simply found the blog too hard to keep up with recently, with updating our very popular facebook site it is hard to sit down and write a blog as well. Ella is now home after having her ovaries removed, unfortunately she has a wound infection on one of the operation sites so her friend the vet is calling AGAIN! It has been a bit like a neutering clinic at our place( Bruce is scared and sleeps wrapped up tight at night I can tell you!) as the two Podenco pooches have been castrated. The first night was very uncomfortable for them but now is the difficult part, keep them calm and not bouncing out of their skins.

Well I have shocked myself by having my cards ready, in fact I have even managed to design a card and have it printed ready for a customer. Our calendar photos are nearly all taken so I feel quite virtuous which is dangerous....I am well known for buying cards early then forgetting I needed to send them, ahurm.

We have welcomed a lovely lurcher called Izzy and in true lurcher style she scared the living daylights out of us by leaping onto a fence. A fence that wasn't even in the way and she didn't leap OVER the fence no Izzy had to leap onto it so managed to give her some nasty abrasions daft dog so now as soon as we see a fence we watch her like a hawk in case she feels the urge to fly without the greatest of ease! My favourite comment was from her owner.....saying that Izzy as grounded....we wish!

With another sad loss it just reminds me that I don't feel like I am yet used to the idea that Dowis isn't here...our job has many ups and downs, it is inevitable that you really feel the losses despite them not being your own dog....I have always felt like they are my extended family.

Max the Akita is doing so well I can hardly believe it. We are bound to have the odd blimp but that is fine he is learning fast and the other dogs love him.

Then we have the bromance. Only thing is it is most definitely a one sided bromance. Harvey has a new love and he is called Stanley. Not we aren't talking mere lust no we are talking Pepe le Phew style, he just lurves him and just wants to be with him. He is just incessant enough to get what he wants without annoying Stan but you do have to laugh. I am always amazed at the fluid relationships with our guys who have now known each other for so long yet their fickle moods and emotions means you never know who is going to be best buds next. Blitz and Max are definitely unlikely playmates apparently no one told them and they have struck up a friendship and who am I to stand in the way!

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