Tuesday, 6 December 2011

11 dogs, two horses and a rabbit

Despite walking along chatting non stop, I know that may surprise you all, Sam heard voices ahead so we called the guys in. All tucked in lovely and we asked them to sit as the two riders and their horses gawped at us. A lot of horses won't pass until you talk to them and they realise we aren't some terrible trap to catch an unsuspecting neddy. So as we talked to the riders I walked across to Esther who was pretending she was sitting rather than sitting, who says dogs can't lie?

No sooner had I set of and I managed to bump an unsuspecting sitting rabbit( we call them sitters even though they are lying down clapped down hard trying not to be spotted) needless to say off it shot like a rabbit possessed( so would I if there had been eleven dogs sitting in wait!).

Well much to everyones surprise not a single dog moved, not even the rabbit hunters! We looked at each other eyes wide. Woohoo!

We were delighted, the riders compliments singing in our ears but what we really were thinking off is the potential carnage if they had indeed chased the rabbit! we would have had yipping dogs left right and centre and two already wired horses depositing their riders unceremoniously at our feet!

The rest of the walk and indeed the rest of the walks all followed in the same thread, not a foot out of place.

Well our winter tyres are now on, I had a captive audience at the garage with everyone wanting to know if they get on, how don't they fight, whoa look at the size of them beethoven dogs and what are them greyhound things to name but a few of the comments!

Coffee and a sandwich time for me and with the heater running I can practically hear the snoozing from here....think it is indeed warmer in the van than in here!

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