Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I thought it'd be hard

Well I really did prepare myself for a hard time.

Yet all I have done is enjoyed myself. The unexpected advantage of less freedom out walking with your guys is I felt I had to repay them with new sights, great smells and leg tiring hikes. Which meant we went exploring not having the excuse to just get them tired in the usual way. We tried things just to see what would happen.

With heelwork there is more companionship and with new smells it was a mutual moment so rather than just taking things away from the young lads we were enjoying new things. Even just sitting on a rock next to the rabbit warrens gave ME an idea of how hard it was for Tutey to tear his senses away from his quarry. Tips on the other hand didn't take long and loved trying new things to see what would make the sweetie jar open( free offering)! When Tutey did tear himself away he was so pleasantly surprised he got a cuddle and treat he started his giddy dance!

Today was our first real test, out with the guys part heelwork part freedom from a classical training point of view way way too soon to test them but decision made I was so happy with them. Yes they fluffed once each yet they are still learning and learnt they did.

Tomorrow I am going to play at agility. Not as Petnanny just as Caroline, I occasionally want to leave Nanny behind and just enjoy being an owner with two young dogs so that is what I am going to do. I hope they will enjoy it and as I am not competitive I have only the pressure I put on myself which is quite enough thank you!

Well another week of change, the gorgeous Gus has moved on and is soon to move to Scotland, I wish him all the very best as we all loved the little fella loads. We are continuously turning away work so we weren't in any hurry to fill his pug shaped space then I was taken with a lovely lurcher bitch with doe eyes, long elegant legs and long white socks. Now obviously she doesn't quite fit into a puggy shaped hole but we are flexible and she is a very welcome newby to our Petnanny family. Beaubeau ( my almost granddaughter) is also having some time away until after New Year but she often comes to stay with us so I am pleased to say we will see plenty of her.

Our new van Veronica is doing well although we have had the odd blimp, all being well and unless there is some unfortunate money drain we are still on track for new cages then I have to get my head round the livery.

I do worry a little about not organising a Christmas party for us unfortunately I just have too many commitments around that time and I can't bear making it anymore frantic than it already is. I am a simple girl and to have a catch up walk a coffee and chat would suit me better so maybe we should try and have a meet up in the New Year....or even better go to a local dog show and take in the sights, what fun!

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