Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I know the problem, I know the solution

Oh I know the problem and even worse I know the solution I just don't wanna do it.

It all started with a catch up with Takoda's mum, surprisingly I was delighted to hear she was no longer working, a job that was just too destructive to be worth any wage packet. Then we got round to me....after a quick yak about gimpy horses and dog talk we started talking about my boys.

She asked me what they were like.

Oh I have no doubts you will love them Julie I replied with a sigh.......Why? Cos they'd make Takoda look like an obedience champion. They are funny, elegant, clumsy and amazingly different. With the check-in distance of a husky.

After a chuckle she said she found it hard to believe and undoubtedly found it funny.

Only it's driving me mad. History repeats itself, I repeat the same old habits and routines that funnily enough didn't produce a spectacularly obedient dog in the past ( excluding Buck who was a treasure).

All I wanna see is a dog doing what dogs are meant to, leap, jump and hunt. Only that isn't really true...I don't want them to hunt everything I only want them to hunt what is allowed. I want them to run, leap and jump when I want them to. See its already getting muddy.

I walk dogs yet I don't want them by my feet unless asked I wanna see them having fun running about playing. Of course they do walk by my side and feet at times and that is ok but not all the time.

So as a pup I revelled in the running, dashing, leaping Flute before me mastering( or not) those long legs. My conscience ( ok Bruce!) told me to tether down that freedom, manage the joy and inhibit that pup. Of course he was right, practising the recall just doesn't cut it. Especially when the recall is actually a pup hurtling in your direction before gooning past you just slow enough for you to leap into his path and invariably stop him in his tracks....

So I know what I want, I know what will likely happen and I know what I have to do to get there.

To watch those expectant faces looking up, them trying so desperately hard to do as I ask just for that taste of freedom and the slow dawning realisation it just isn't going to happen. Heel work. Not heelwork until you are let off but heelwork. Heelwork even when their friends are playing, gooning and having fun. Not even when a bunny provocatively wiggles its white cottonwool tail. Then eventually a moments release and a recall practise until time and relentlessness wins out....I've made it so hard for them.

If I stick it out.

I have to remember them running every day in gay abandonment in the field at the horses...running at Belle and Mila's house running till there legs can't run any more. That is the pay off for my weakness.

The problem is me. The solution is to face the problem, to stop the freedom and work on the response time. The result...depends doesn't it!

Does it make you feel better to hear the truth or do you want something beautiful, I loved that line as soon as I heard it. I often wonder if people only respect those who know it all who never fail. Only in my world no one knows it all and everyone fails at times. Maybe I am a fool for saying it out loud? Who cares I have dogs to walk.....on lead!

Did I mention I love the big eared fools?

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