Thursday, 10 November 2011


Well the boys and I had our first go at agility together ( the last time I did agility was when Buck was about five over nine years ago!) and we had a great time.

More importantly it made me realise all the extras that go with teaching your dog a sport.

Outside of jumping jumps etc we:

Met dogs on lead no playing or greeting allowed

Some obedience work on a new surface

One boyo was left in the jeep whilst I worked with the other and vice versa

They had to tie up quietly whilst putting equipment out.

Standing or working whilst other dogs are running, jumping or standing right by them.

Be handled by someone new

Of course there was many many distractions and new scary noises like the seesaw banging.

Then with the agility they learnt to jump, one way then another on one side then another, then one after another, then a combo of a few

Walk on a board on the ground before progressing to a dogwalk, stop at the end and wait

Jump on table, wait on table, do different positions on same table then do all the same with me walking around

Go through a tyre raised off ground( pretty hard when you are as tall as Flute and Tips, go through without help and then change direction and on both sides

Go through the weaves ( oh how I laughed and laughed as Flute went through three weave poles and his back legs were still at the first pole.) work out what was required with lure bend in the middle whilst not tripping over the bar on the ground then move backlegs whilst your front legs going a new direction!

Tunnel, walk on a scary movable surface,duck down and walk to other side remembering to not stand up too fast( Flute couldn't get this and just tried to stand up once his head was out, he did amazing although he wanted to take the tunnel home with him I had visions of him being cut out of tunnel, Tips had more sense and only put his front feet in and NO more!)

Long jump Tips trotted delicately across not even knocking them down but soon learn to jump on both side

So that is a lot for a dog to take in isn't it.......You forget what exactly is involved and it does them so much good. Mind I could do with my guys moving their noses away from the floor for more than two seconds!

Wish us look and why don't you try a dog sport yourself?

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