Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A thought

Still on the theme of keeping our guys safe:

Vet waiting rooms.

Despite looking up contamination risk, on the internet, at vet waiting rooms I found more about when to take your dog to the vet( when it is ill?), how much it will cost ( a fortune numpty) yet very little about risk of taking you dog TO the vet.

I found lots about reducing the risk in the surgery, for example 'If a patient has to be hospitalised he/she is taken through to our kennels area. We have two open kennels rooms and a small isolation ward with its own air extractor system to prevent any disease contamination.

Each patient is designated a particular kennel or cage and is retained in that unit for the duration of stay. At all times all cleaning and movement protocols are designed to minimise the risk of disease transfer within the hospitalisation wards.'

Only one mentioned their actual waiting room:

Consultation Rooms / Waiting room

The hygiene of the waiting room and consultation rooms are maintained at a very high standard. They are cleaned thoroughly several times a day to minimise cross contamination and are regularly tested to ensure that they remain MRSA free. There is plenty of seating in the waiting room and there’s a separate waiting area for cats to try to minimise stress.

Yet clearly there is a risk


So what can YOU do to reduce the risk.

Only take your dog in once it is your turn, leave them in the car.

Toilet them away from the vet car park, parvo is spread via faeces, many viruses can live for sometime off the host animal so sniffing around waiting for them to toilet can increase risk.

No matter how friendly and lovely don't handle other dogs there, generally people take their dogs to teh vet cos something is wrong.

Allow no nose to nose contact with other animals.

These simple changes can make all the difference!

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