Monday, 10 October 2011

A note from the past

Whilst putting my papers in order ( yeh yeh of course I was) I found a handwritten note that made me chuckle.

I can only presume it was from Glynn( my first Employee) and it said:


1st Walk

Loki Nanci Millie and Tash

Tash hasn't been to the deerpark since she had the incident eating the bread. Think this was well before christmas. As soon as we got near to the place where the bread was - she was a good 100yards ahead looking for it. Whoa what a memory for food!

(People question dogs and their intelligence!)

2nd Walk

Leia Zig Hamish Doodle Norman

Mmmm this was overambitious

1 slightly nervous pup

1blind dog

1 sex crazed pup

1 bitch just coming out of season

1 ok dog

Guess who ended up a maypole!

The upside is that this hasn't happened for ages, makes me appreciate how much of a difference all the training makes, to have well behaved dogs, usually!

(Haha I can picture the kind of walk she had, bet she needed five minutes sit after that walk.)

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