Sunday, 23 October 2011

Kennel cough vaccine

Just a gentle reminder that all should be due their Kennel cough vaccines if they haven't had them already. My boys are now no longer coughing so they will heading to the vets for theirs that'll be fun two patts, two lurchers and two podencos I think the vet will faint with joy.

All the dogs that were coughing have now recovered...we have three who have started and they are ones that have not been coming out and about so still keep a close eye on our little treasures and I hope this blimp is our share this year!

This time of year we tend to get small cuts on pads etc as their feet are generally softer in the wet so we will keep a close eye on that and we are due a good teeth descaling/ anal gland emptying/ ear plucking/ cleaning session not to forget nail trimming so if we miss yours out please shout....

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