Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Now I am not shy at being forthright. Normally it is about the dogs, this time it is about humans!

There is one thing we can guarantee in some point in some it will rain. You can also guarantee that on a day that it is raining hard, in the morning, we will be cleaning the van, replacing the bedding and being grumpy because one or more of the dogs refused to toilet in the morning and toiletted in the van instead.

Now I don't mind mess, I don't mind the odd wee or poop as we look after old, new and opinionated but I do mind when not enough effort is made to ensure a dog is empty before they head out in our van. Despite starting the first walk at 8.45am as I knew there would be a few who needed to get out asap it was too late. One flood in the middle, two poops. middle needed emptying of everything mats washed and bedding folded up and only towels left to replace messed bedding, same in one of the back cages.

I know we will be walking them but your dog may not be the first out, we could take them further away so the journey could take longer.

So the easiest way to look at it is if your dog won't go and toilet in the garden on a rainy morning treat it as if you are going to be leaving the dog till lunchtime/ late morning. If necessary take them for a short walk.

There grumpiness over. Please be considerate.

I have said it before I blame it on the weather!

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