Sunday, 23 October 2011

EllaBella Isabella Appafloosy phil

That is her full title though not her registered name!

Well after a fairly uneventful time with Ella I thought I would update you all.

Five/ six days after returning home she managed to, quite severely damage her forehead which thankfully with lots of stitching and care is now healed. Unfortunately her anxious, panicky behaviour didn't improve and it ended up that every morning she had a new minor injury, was fence walking( or rather galloping) so she was due her blood tests to sign her off from edinburgh so I asked the vet to also scan her ovaries.

Unfortunately or fortunately her scan showed she had a stunted ovary and a very abnormal ovary on the right. Whilst waiting for the blood results( all came back fine for her angiodema and vasculitis indicator) she was put on regulate which I believe is very like the pill in humans.

What a complete turn around. It has taken some getting used to and finally I am not having to visit the barn at midnight to see what she has been getting up to.

So all there is to do now is she needs a further hospital trip to be …….spayed!

I now have the hard decision to make…send her to edinburgh which is £400 more expensive but they know her and her problems well or send her to glasgow and they specialise in this op. My heart says Edinburgh my head Glasgow arghhhh.

I have also made a decision that it is time for the boys to lose their pride and joy christmas time so what a snip happy time I will be having bringing a close to 2011!

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  1. So, can one assume that after Christmas Tips and Flute will be known as "Enco Ibicencos"? Tee hee!