Sunday, 16 October 2011

A choice that isn't a choice.

A choice that isn't a choice.

I am an honest girl( haha I guess I am not a girl anymore but woman, woman smacks of all grown up with kids to me) although I wasn't always that way. I used to steal stuff from my mam then hide it in my brothers bedroom to get him in trouble. Used to lie when I didn't actually benefit from lying. Then I got wiser, swallowed my pride and learnt that being me is just about good enough.

I also know what is right and wrong, oh how I dislike when I know I am wrong even worse when I have to admit to it!

Control is also something that is definitely part of my personality and why I don't give up the ghost on that one is beyond me, just let it go it ain't gonna happen my brain says yet I still try and hold on to it with both hands.

I can't control how people will take this post, how they will interpret it and how they will twist it so I will just continue. We have a fantastic system that has weaknesses, many many strengths but the odd weakness. I may try to stop them, to annihilate them but it isn't going to happen.

Some of the guys have a cough. It strikes dread in my heart when I hear a dog cough. We always have delicate dogs, dogs who are older, weaker or have conditions that make them susceptible to any ailments. I have one myself Shy, a weak stressed heart yet he is indeed as tough as old boots. This cough was diagnosed as a mild virus so I pondered. Of course I pondered, to cancel dogs causes inconvenience, disruption to all and loss of income for me at a time I can ill afford it.

The alternative is far worse.

So we have a cough and I do the texting, name after name making sure everyone knows. It is so important to let people know, that gives us all power. Yet sometimes that doesn't work both ways.

Because ringing nanny causes inconvenience, maybe it means a change of plan, the guys missing out. Often its the doubt, maybe something isn't really wrong just a blimp, why should they lose out if there isn't really anything wrong. I have made my own mistakes taking a dog in the past cos you think to yourself are you mistaken? Maybe you didn't know, didn't see anything where does that leave everyone?

Where we are now. With a choice, do you leave your dog at home change your plans or do you continue with Nanny. Both choices are right. If delicate of course keep them at home what is a week in the scheme of things. Going out with Nanny is right too. After all your dogs are fit and well, they mix with the same dogs weekly and like children who go to school you can't avoid everything all the time.

After making the decision, feeling the pinch keeping in touch to make sure all is well with the coughing dogs you then find out all is fine, its past by! Pants…..

You do realise what this means don't you? I am going to have to do my paperwork. To draw more and get some put away jobs done. Mumble grumble. The upside, happy manic faces greeting us after their mini break and the realisation that our normal day to day life is mighty fine. Munter munter.

At least it wasn't…..shhhh I will say this only once and very very quietly….at least it wasn't kennel cough. Thank you to all who have their dogs vaccinated against that particular nasty. Well no more stalling time to wake my two up and chuck them outside for a wee. Funny how they sprint out like whippets when it comes to a walk yet they creep out like snails when it is wee in the garden time. This is the one time Shy outspeeds the boys, he's up and waiting at the door.

Night night guys

Bye bye cough!

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