Saturday, 24 September 2011

Review time

We are having a week of and inevitably this allows me time to review.

I am very happy with the dogs we have on board. All need work including the long term guys and gals. We have two very new people who are both what I would class as rehab. Max an akita with typical Akita problems, like staffies they often don't know who to get their adrenalin kicks and often learn to either dominate or bully in order to get those adrenalin kicks. He is a lovely dog and has reingnited my interest in them. I feel they have a difficult time being a pet as they don't seem to have a default pet setting already built in.

Our second rehab dog is called Bonny or as we call her BonBon. She is a very happy little dog living a happy but insulated life. She is seldom walked for various reasons and therefore has a lot to learn. In the van she is still pretty shut down but on the walks she is really starting to come alive. She of course has no recall or sense of staying with us but luckily Cockers are pretty sociable creatures and want to please.

We do currently unfortunately have an epidemic of fat dogs. I understand it is difficult to recognise your dog as fat and many will think I am cruel to out people with fat dogs. I am employed to protect your dog, to help you and I can not ignore a fat dog, it is simply not safe for us to walk a fat dog like we do a fit dog.

Montanna has done a great job with losing some of her weight and I believe Nanci, Louie and Charlie have lost weight. BonBon, Nell, Tessa, Harv and Sirus are our main focus and I would consider Nell, Tessa and Harvey as obese. so the week we come back will be weight in week. I am hoping both Tessa and Nell have lost some as I know the owners are trying. We are very lucky with dogs as we provide all their food needs with the exception of the odd scavenged food though non of the dogs involved are scavengers luckily. I have had the same problem with my cat and needed outside help to get his weight down and I do understand how hard it is.

Last week we managed to do a little leave training with each individual dog and I throughly enjoyed it, the dogs tried very hard and even the highly motivated dogs managed to ignore the treats knowing there were more and certainly better ones on their way. Some of our guys can't have treats or indeed are not food orientated so we used a reward they prefer which is usually cuddles.

Body handling is something we are very hot on and I am delighted at our progress, our new guys are very good at being handled so we will soon start teeth, feet and bottom handling( oor er missus). Murphy has had a tail abrasion so needed a wrap put on before he goes in the van and this has helped no end in his bottom handling.

We need to test our new guys for noise sensitivity as we don't what to find out once a gun shot goes off and we have a rapidly disappearing bottom!

I hope by the time we come back the new van will be on the road resplendent with her heater, shower and cages installed. We haven't managed to get new cages fitted yet but will as soon as the funds allow. I am also planning something wonderful for our van livery so watch this space…lets hope it works as it has taken an age( two years) to decide! As Sam has failed to pick her name I will be picking one for her.

Well it is way past my bed time so I will head off night night

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