Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Pets at Home

I have really enjoyed the odd snippets of training I have been doing with the boys so with our last show looming I thought I could combine a trip to Pets at Home to pick up extra food with a training session with the lads.

With a lad in each hand I went past the rabbits and guinea pigs without a flicker down the cat food isle before someone asked the ever present question….what are they? Now this apparently is the trigger for full throttle Ibizan attention, lets face it the lads don't do quiet dignity. Whilst Tips tries to wrap his legs around the persons neck Flute tries to act cool before slipping his tongue into any poor unsuspecting humans mouth. They will sit and say hello to people no bother only no one gives me time to get them into a sit, I ask them not to say hi whilst they are doing the kangaroo but by then they are basking in full ' I have only eyes for you' Ibizan charm. All is lost.

Once the cat food isle is a mere memory I try and sneak a look at the shampoos, Sam wanted a groom spray. It is there that a very fit looking fella heads over and asks the other inevitable question…are they Egyptian? Tips starts to wiggle, his whole body squirming Flute meanwhile is working out his target and distances. The fit guys bends down just as Flute launches I manage to deflect him and he lands not at all put off by my side only that left Tips who was now trying to hitch a ride on the guys back….The noise I heard turned out to be fit guy laughing. The more he laughed the more Tips wiggled I simply averted my eyes I hate to spoil a moment. With a sigh I asked if I could calm them down( I swear Flute raised an eyebrow as he was still standing looking a bit put out) when fit guy starts to go all gooey over Flute. I definitely saw four feet on the ground at one point unfortunately two of them were Tips and two of them Flutes.

Just as this finished I looked up and saw a little beagle bitch…now come on Howlett pull it together! Bless them they were very mannerly and all was going well when Tips turned around and stood on his hind legs and barked, when I say barked it doesn't convey the actual noise… is much more of a woooow a long houndlike and slightly deranged woooooow. Oh great so not only wild but noisy too. I looked and it took me some time to work out it was actually the advertising boardings he was wooowing at, the huge giant sized dogs looking down from the ceiling.

Right no more of this we can do this. So the next lady they were the epitome of good manners if a little deflated at their fun and frolics being spoilt. The lady looked at me and then at the boys and asked in hushed tones ' ah are you fostering them dear?' I found it quite strange but I thought I would humour her. She continued leaning in as if we were in on a big secret ' I just don't know how people do it, poor little creatures'. Now by now I should have clicked on this was a variation of another frequently discussed issue….I simply let her continue by now I was kind of waiting for a punchline. ' I would rehome them when they are better, look at how starved they are, its a disgrace how people can abuse animals like this when all they need is food and love' ( ahhhh now I get it back to the same old issue. Can you not give those dogs a little bit more food, mind they are skinny aren't they are you feeding them the right kind of food and all kinds of variations of the same…). I think I felt more sorry for the shop assistant who had rushed over to try and save the situation but she was on a loser this lady was on a mercy mission.

So I had to find it in me to gently say that they were in actual fact my adored pups, that I had had them most of their lives and that they were not abused and starved. The shop assistant who had been staking the shelves still had a haunted look as the lady left throwing anxious glances my way when she couldn't distract the woman and get her to let it go…I heard the dear old lady muttering that she would rehome them.

So once I had slunk around and managed to buy what I needed I left hot, sweaty and somewhat agitated with my happy skinny hounds having had a lovely time. Mmmm looking forward to this show sooooo much!

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