Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Missing, 2 year old boxer bitch answers to the name of Jessie. Last seen Thursday 28th July in Forest Hall. Spayed and chipped, very friendly, if you see or hear of anyone trying to sell a boxer please get in touch. She is red with white chest and socks and has an exceptionally long tongue that sticks out even when her mouth is shut. Heartbroken and want her home safe and sound please x".

She is on the dog lost website, there is a poster on their you can print off and use og_blog.php?dogId=31425

Day 5 & still missing. She is spayed so can't have puppies, chipped, if taken to the vets she will be traced back to me. If anyone knows where she is have a heart, take her to the vets to be scanned or ring either cat & dog shelter in Newcastle, both have our details as does the dog warden. We miss her very much. If you can put a poster up email me at We are offering a reward for her safe return.

Day 6: Still no sign of Jessie. She is a red boxer with white chest and paws and a full tail. She has a really long tongue that sticks out her mouth even when her mouth is closed. She went missing 10.15am Thursday 27th July at Forest Hall. She may have been taken out of the area by now so please add all your friends to this group so we can spread the word. I also have a poster nt/d/1WER6r63vHa-fV-whcEuGptPJ 0nE9LO5s2lzrnY3QKD8/edit?hl=en _US&pli=1 if you could print one off and put it up somewhere it would really help. Thanks x

Last seen Forest Hall, Thursday 27th July around 10am. We think someone has taken her and really just want her back, no questions asked. We are offering a reward for her return

Day 7: Still no news. Missing since Thursday 27th July, Red boxer with white chest and paws. We have checked network rail and council and no news so she is still a live and out there somewhere. If you see anyone with a new boxer please get in touch we are offering a cash reward. Call 07958617190 if you know anything

Can we help by keeping an eye out? We all know how we would feel if it were one of our dogs. This is when it doesn't matter if we like the breed or know the dog it is about helping people and dogs.

Hope she is found soon.

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