Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What he means to me

What he means to me

A irritating noise from behind the wall.

The thing that messes on the streets

Those horrible animals that scare me

Dirty sinful creatures

Something that is stopping me from entering your home

A necessary guard for my yard

My lifeline, watching and guarding my stock, my stock mean I live

My eyes in my unseeing world

My ears

He allows me to be me, not a dependent, not an epileptic. Me

She gives me routine so I can't sink into that dark hole, I walk because she needs to walk, I rise from my bed as she needs me

They win me rosettes, make me proud and let me be the best

Make me feel alive, watching them run, living life without a care

She was just there not doing anything exciting but by being there it meant I was at home, not in a home.

That extra child, one more thing to think of but part of our mad family

Everything. That magical nose that spotted that funny mark on my leg. It meant I lived

He's my pal when everyone else has things to do, places to go

Part of my identity, a part of me that I want people to see, to empathise with that stranger mutually aware of one single fact

Courage, the kind that I don't find when I am alone

Pure unadulterated fun

An outlet for my nurturing side

So what does he mean to you? We may not understand many peoples feelings towards dogs yet for many of us it is the one thing we do understand, fellow dog lovers and owners. The feeling we have for them. We might love the guys but for some people they are literally life.

We have to understand how the other people feel in order to be aware.

Montanna was poisoned yesterday by ketamine laced meat. She is recovering and we won't know for some time what affect it will have on her life. She isn't the only dog, with reports of others in Birtley being poisoned with rat poison, ketamine and antifreeze. One cat is already dead and it is so easy to label these people monsters yet the truth is many people feel it was nothing, ridding them of a problem, a nuisance or even nothing. They feel nothing because an animals life is nothing to them. Or hate. Either way we have to be aware. Don't presume all humans think the same way, feel the same way and therefore act the same.

Don't live in fear, don't fight them hard just do what we can to keep our guys safe and enjoy them, protect them and the next time you see a fellow dog lover just remember we are all in on a big secret.

Dogs you gotta love 'em.

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