Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Fern surprised us today by uttering an amazing statement. I was instantly transported to a happier place...I envisioned sitting in the warm dry van with Sam smiling happily beside us. Cups of steaming hot cappuccinos and an oaty bar thrown in for good measure. We waved enthusiastically at Fern as she walked by with all the dogs in the field.

What did she say?

' I love walking in the rain' said Fern

She has so much to learn.

Needless to say we all had steaming cups in our hands ( two cappuccinos now sugars one tea milk no sugar thanks) even had a the oaty bars, yum yum, then walked the various pups getting nicely damp. It isn't o much the rain soaking your clothes, or the grass soaking your legs and over your wellies, it isn't even the fact you can't see through your glasses ( or indeed see if you don't wear them) it is more to do with the fact it is July. Yup July.

The rain even likes to bounce up from the ground and soak you on the way up surely that is just plain wrong.

So we sit in a warm van, the heater working overtime drying damp dogs and the reasons I love rain come clear....that wonderful snoring noise, the happy faces as they dry snug and warm and of course feeling virtuous that whatever the weather throws at us we are still out with our guys walking, running( haha no not me the dogs) and playing to our hearts delight.

Pass the towel please!

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