Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What he means to me

What he means to me

A irritating noise from behind the wall.

The thing that messes on the streets

Those horrible animals that scare me

Dirty sinful creatures

Something that is stopping me from entering your home

A necessary guard for my yard

My lifeline, watching and guarding my stock, my stock mean I live

My eyes in my unseeing world

My ears

He allows me to be me, not a dependent, not an epileptic. Me

She gives me routine so I can't sink into that dark hole, I walk because she needs to walk, I rise from my bed as she needs me

They win me rosettes, make me proud and let me be the best

Make me feel alive, watching them run, living life without a care

She was just there not doing anything exciting but by being there it meant I was at home, not in a home.

That extra child, one more thing to think of but part of our mad family

Everything. That magical nose that spotted that funny mark on my leg. It meant I lived

He's my pal when everyone else has things to do, places to go

Part of my identity, a part of me that I want people to see, to empathise with that stranger mutually aware of one single fact

Courage, the kind that I don't find when I am alone

Pure unadulterated fun

An outlet for my nurturing side

So what does he mean to you? We may not understand many peoples feelings towards dogs yet for many of us it is the one thing we do understand, fellow dog lovers and owners. The feeling we have for them. We might love the guys but for some people they are literally life.

We have to understand how the other people feel in order to be aware.

Montanna was poisoned yesterday by ketamine laced meat. She is recovering and we won't know for some time what affect it will have on her life. She isn't the only dog, with reports of others in Birtley being poisoned with rat poison, ketamine and antifreeze. One cat is already dead and it is so easy to label these people monsters yet the truth is many people feel it was nothing, ridding them of a problem, a nuisance or even nothing. They feel nothing because an animals life is nothing to them. Or hate. Either way we have to be aware. Don't presume all humans think the same way, feel the same way and therefore act the same.

Don't live in fear, don't fight them hard just do what we can to keep our guys safe and enjoy them, protect them and the next time you see a fellow dog lover just remember we are all in on a big secret.

Dogs you gotta love 'em.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Willow or as I call her Willoweep

Here is a post from Sherleen, Willows mum:

As dog owners we always want the best for our guys, we hope they are happy and healthy and living a good quality of life. Now many may know that I am a fretter, and having never owned a dog before I feel that life with them is one constant learning curve, especially since my little princess Willow entered our lives.

From the start things with her were dodgy, being the runt of the litter she had been bullied and chewed, she also appeared to have been neglected badly, she was under nourished and full of worms, her ears were ripped and her pads were hard where they should have been soft and pink, we did everything we could to make sure she was at as low risk of germs as possible, down to wiping ours, and Charlie's feet with antibacterial wipes when we came in the house!! And bless her she thrived, she grew at a healthy rate, and she developed into a happy, trusting young pup.

In this house we are no stranger to crazy legs, Charlie has the funniest gait whilst running, and for some time we assumed Willow was the same, but events took a turn, and my girl started to limp, intermittently at first, maybe she'd pulled a muscle (?), but the last couple of days she's been limping far worse than ever, cue the panic text to our very own supernanny (fretful owner!)!!

Caroline booked Willow in to see a physiotherapist this morning, and my brave girl was diagnosed as having 'joint hypermobilty', a condition I am very familiar with in the human species, but never dreamed for one minute my girl would have it. So, hopefully with leg supports, physio exercises on a custom made 'wobble board' (makes me think of Rolf Harris!!), and some hard work, we can stop her going lame, which is what would inevitably have happened. She's a fighter, so I'm hoping if we work as a team we can get the results, the downside is that she is far more likely to develop arthritis, and at an earlier age, but we'll try and prevent crossing that bridge as long as we can.

This is not the end of the story fellow mammys and daddys, oh no, it gets interesting!! Labradors are not prone to this condition. There has always been a question mark over Willow as to whether she is pure bred lab, or a mix, she was sold as pedigree and is KC registered, with an apparent long line of fox reds behind her, so now the doubt has been raised further, and we enter a world of doggy DNA testing (cue Jeremy Kyle!!). Dont get me wrong, I couldnt give a flying....... what she is, she's my baby and I wouldnt swap her for the world, but if she's a mix then god help the charlatan of a breeder when I get started, he'll never breed again!!!! And on the plus side, if we know what she's made of then we know what other ailments she could potentially develop and be ready to spot them, god knows she's been through enough, I pray there is no more to come.

So, as I sit here watching my girl wag her tail enthusiastically, and playing with her brother, I pray I can keep her well, keep her happy, for a long time to come.......but it wont stop me fretting ;-)

Big thank you to Caroline for her continued help, advice and support, it is appreciated so much


Fern surprised us today by uttering an amazing statement. I was instantly transported to a happier place...I envisioned sitting in the warm dry van with Sam smiling happily beside us. Cups of steaming hot cappuccinos and an oaty bar thrown in for good measure. We waved enthusiastically at Fern as she walked by with all the dogs in the field.

What did she say?

' I love walking in the rain' said Fern

She has so much to learn.

Needless to say we all had steaming cups in our hands ( two cappuccinos now sugars one tea milk no sugar thanks) even had a the oaty bars, yum yum, then walked the various pups getting nicely damp. It isn't o much the rain soaking your clothes, or the grass soaking your legs and over your wellies, it isn't even the fact you can't see through your glasses ( or indeed see if you don't wear them) it is more to do with the fact it is July. Yup July.

The rain even likes to bounce up from the ground and soak you on the way up surely that is just plain wrong.

So we sit in a warm van, the heater working overtime drying damp dogs and the reasons I love rain come clear....that wonderful snoring noise, the happy faces as they dry snug and warm and of course feeling virtuous that whatever the weather throws at us we are still out with our guys walking, running( haha no not me the dogs) and playing to our hearts delight.

Pass the towel please!


We have so far raised a whopping £1030 for The Great North Air Ambulance!

Thank you everyone who was involved and who has helped raise money. Still money to come in. I am excited......that doesn't happen very often so enjoy it while it lasts.


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Please not in front of Fern!

I am beginning to think my Tuesdays are much like everyones Mondays.

Fern, my goddaughter, is doing her work experience with us and one thing is for sure she is certainly gaining experience.

Our working days start with my guys, so feed the screaming deaf cat before we all go deaf, feed Shy and walk the two hoodlums. Then we call at the horses, usually we can just check all is in place and off we go. Today we wanted to put their hoodies on( or as most people would call them fly face masks) with the weather threatening to be sunny. Ella and Zaffi no bother Ollie however had completely different ideas.

He ran, he bucked he practically screamed 'heylp heylp they are trying to hurt me!' No it isn't the first time he has worn it and out of all our guys he needs it the most as he is a delicate pink.

On the second lap he decided enough was enough and showed exactly what he thought of the mask by showing us the bottom of his feet right in our faces. Beyond cheeky so he was told to keep moving until he said sorry( stopped calmly and let us put the mask on). By the seventh or so lap Zaffi was having non of this flying around in the morning without her so she did her best bull fighting horse, she spun, she charged, she bucked and stomped at Ollie everytime he charged past. Minutes passed and I was very aware that today was grooming day....which meant a time restriction for picking everyone up and getting to the far end of my area to drop the said dogs off. Oh goody. They know you know. I swear I could see a gentle smirk on his wrinkled pink lips.

As I got dizzy he started to tire. Not fast enough!

We had a moment where the hoodie was close enough to almost claim victory until the whip gently fell by his leg and off he went now convinced I was not only trying to kill him with the hoodie but he was about to be thrashed to death.


I got dizzier he got slower.

Then we stopped he wore his hoodie like a champ and I gratefully handed him some grass rubbed his sweaty sides and off we toddled back to the van. Now to make up time!

This past year has been a year for firsts, usually I am the cast off queen I have only just bought my first ever new, my choice, not already used my others, settee. My other much admired and loved object is my carpet washer. Bringing it home was a delight and I am strangely still not weary of its tremendous way of bringing my much abused carpets back to life. Only she is lame or more precisely she is leaking, this is directly down to my complete disrespect. I stored her in my shed and she cracked in all the cold weather. What to do? She went to the washer vet and he gave me that dreaded doomed look...

Off we went again girls to groomers phew not so late now up to framers, pictures handed in( urm that isn't strictly true it would have helped if I had indeed brought all of the pictures intended to be framed d'oh).

Once we arrived ready to walk we did the swap over, Alex needed her cage back so I had picked it up for her and Alex was dropping off the frozen tripe for us. Only it wasn't frozen, as I picked it up there was the unforgettable softness, dampness and smell. I looked longingly at my freshly cleaned cages, my new bedding untouched by canine paw and placed the dribbling mess wrapped it up as well as I could as Dowis started to sink, sink to her knees overcome with that irresistible smell. She cursed her stubby little nose as she tried to reach the tripe through the gaps in the cage.

I walked away with my charges and breathed in the fresh smell for possibly the first time most of the dogs seemed somewhat reluctant to leave the van but were soon persuaded that it would still( unfortunately) be there when they got back.

Our first walk was a real mixture of personalities, young and old. They played back and forth the only noise coming from Esther and then Lola play fighting then my dulcet tones telling them to quit! Sometimes you need to watch them not hear them. Already it was getting pretty warm and with Chubby the hairy one we decided to go into the woods just off the cycle track.

Our happy quite place was soon disturbed by a slightly demonic, demented person, and his very calm springer, f***ing and blinding( what does that part mean the blinding part!?)calling us a couple of ***** don't you know dogs run in packs.....much of the rest of it pretty much went over my head as I was wondering out of the four of us ( Justine joined Sam, Fern and I) were the *****. I have to admit I was pretty please one non of our guys had been obnoxious or in the way and two that Poppy boxer had chose to ignore him. Poppy doesn't do foul mouthed men and would, in a very matronly way, have drop kicked him in the woods for such bad behaviour.

The rest of the walk through the woods we were chuckling but also on tender hooks in case, as Justine so reassuringly put it, he turned up in the woods with a large shotgun!

I am always amazed at how much the guys pick up, well apart form KARMA dog, they all seemed a little less enthusiastic. Which came in handy as once on the cycle track there seemed to be a unwritten rule that a cyclist should pass at one minute intervals. I was a little disappointed that all were considerate and friendly by now I was all ready for a scrap.

Nothing very exciting to report on the rest of the walks other than for once we are delighted at Sirus's rather infuriating habit of peeing on other dogs, in this case poor little Elsie...why were we happy? Well he obviously has a bladder problem/ infection as he had blood in his urine and it showed up extremely well on white Elsies back. A trip to the vet for Sirus and don't forget the wee sample!

As for the clean van, the defrosted tripe and the smell? Just be very grateful you work in an office.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Some of the other photos

Photo by Chris Iles

Photo by Chris Iles
Photo by Chris Iles
Photo by Chris Iles
Photo by Chris Iles
Photo by Chris Iles

Thank you to all who took these photographs!

Monday, 11 July 2011

The Amazing, the spectacular the one and only Petnanny Circus event!


Here are all the photos from the lovely Laura fromthe event, more will be added later form all the other camera wielding people who also attended.

There wasn't one dog( apart from Flute) who put a foot wrong, not one person who complained moaned or didn't join in.

I had a the best time and I hope all who attended did too! As the saying goes you had to be there....

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

In training

Trying out his jumping technique
Bubbles doesn't like jumping puppy!
I wanna get off

Phew much better when puppy stands still where are my reins?

have you ever seen a more appropriate costume?

More costumes

Pat as a ?? I haven't a clue hehe

Haha now have you ever seen cuter faces

Do you think they are used to wearing clothes?