Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Just a second of not thinking...

OH I am so annoyed at myself. For a split second I didn't think....instead of asking the boys to sit then walk with my round the corner I asked them to sit and let them off. That is all it takes, a moments lack of concentration or forethought. I was lucky I have just caused myself more work, set my training back and no harm was done.

Needless to say Flute and Tips blasted round the corner in pure delight only Tips came back round the corner moments Flute and that meant one of two things...toilet time( he is slow with everything he does so no worries about finding it!)or he'd ran up to someone he knew and was currently showering them with lanky love.

Arghhhh so all those carefully thought out routines, careful training and set up moments had been carelessly cast aside. How annoying.

The shepherd with her lovely old brown and white collie were nonplussed and on one positive note he didn't jump up ( or did he try and swift move of the crook solve that problem!?). On the lead he went and I mentally went on the lead too.

So this morning I had Flute frantically scanning every horizon for his next target and me watching his every move. Please please let the man step forward who invented the idea that dogs are stress relievers so I can give him a gentle slap....

Wish me luck

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