Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Different dogs for different jobs

I have come to love having two rambunctious wassicks and an old boy. I revel in their differences.

Walking my guys yesterday it couldn't have been highlighted more. My young lads Flute and Tips make me laugh, shout, anxious and admire all in seconds, they jump, leap, run, argue and every part of their body is alive.

Then I come back and I take Shy out. It's about tootling, smells the gentle touch of his mouth on my hand when he goes past something scary. He checks me constantly, eyes are failing so he needs to know I am there. His funny waddling walk, his delight at just feeling the wind in his fur, his moment of giddiness as his feet hit the dewy grass. Then he decides he wants to go his way not mine. Theres no point arguing as he will flump down and look at me as if to say you did that!

Ahhhh I get to have all the best parts, the steady dog and the delight of watching two young dogs living life to the full. Lucky me.

Don't worry it won't be long before I am crying into my cats fur ranting at those pointy eared long legged muppets!

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