Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Couldn't be prouder

Tweezers poised, adrenaline pumped Sam holds the swaddled victim tight enough to stop squirming yet not so tight to squeeze. I move gently ready for the onslaught. Will it be teeth, will it be womit ( for those of you who are uneducated it means vomit) and will we even connect those tweezers with the offending ear hair?

A face so sweet, itsy bitsy thing she is and yet show her the ear tweezers and she turns into a hissing, spitting, chomping beasty. Minnie now how could you feel anxious with a dog called Minnie, a small shihtzu who wouldn't saw boo to a mouse.

But you know it isn't Minnie's fault it just takes time and timing, patience and determination. Tolerance on her behalf and understanding on ours and you know what? We have succeeded. All it has taken is careful handling.

Shih Tzus, like many hairy breeds, often have problems with excess hair growing in their ear canals this causes the wax to build up creating a warm moist environment that bacteria just loves. This is so painful and can eventually kill your dog ( RIP Beautiful Winnie).

Needless to say most pups really panic the first time someone plucks their ears and because it is often a groomer who does it the dog panics with the pain and discomfort. Groomers are often under pressure to get the job done so the whole job will be done in one go there is of course another just as likely scenario where the dog gets an infected ear and the vet wants the hair out, can you imagine how painful that is.

I don't know which had caused Minnies issues but which ever way we decided we couldn't let her go under anaesthetic each time so it was time to desensitise her.

Today I couldn't have been prouder as we sat on the van lip, Minnie swaddled in her towel and my hands gently trembling. I started gently plucking the longer hairs and she did nothing. Not a peep. So after lots of gentle hugs and kisses we started to get the messed up hair and other than the odd peep she sat as quiet as a mouse and soon we had two completely hair free ears. Woohoo! It has only taken four sessions...can you believe it. She was so pleased with herself and of course relieved and to see her trotting happily over to Mick was fantastic. No stress no anaesthetic and no injuries.

What a clever little Shiht!

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