Wednesday, 29 June 2011

It's oh so quiet

What is that I hear? Silence? No it can't be.

I can hear the birds, I can even hear the pugs snorting away but what I can't hear is Beagle. Now I can see Beagle, in fact you can't miss him as he streaks across the field. No surely not, it can't be? Has my wish finally come true?

I call him over, stroking him all over his body, nope I can't find maybe my wish of having a volume button fitted hasn't come true. What on earth could have caused it? Don't get me wrong I am not knocking it it is just odd you know, like seeing the moon in the sky during the day. It doesn't see right.

I look around to find Alex aghast, Sam has a funny enigmatic smile on her face maybe I imagined her popping her finger to her lips but even if I did I am going to do just that. Shhhh say nowt revel in the moment and hug that quiet beagle.

Jasper you are a star.

So are you still with me or are you feeling you have the wrong blog?

I prefer to go out walking, I love the changes you see the change of terrain yet the field does allow you more freedom, freedom to mix the guys so the slow guys can mix with the livelier ones, both having the choice to either do their own thing or mingle without the pressure of the walking too far.

As is often the case today was a day of funny partnerships. I could have watched all day as Lola chased Flute round the field a dumpy busy puggle running with every once of her body with a lanky streak of devilment cruising along. This ever lasts long as Poppy ( feral puppy) simply can't resist the aggravation. Now Poppy has lots of rules that must be abided by. No one really knows these rules except Poppy! So Flute cruises by with a pugnacious puggle hot on his heels and she whips in like a cruise missile, down Lola goes. Lola loves these games. They tumble, a mass of red fur with lots of huffing and puffing. Flute then becomes the hunter instead of the hunted, he barks with a bark far too low for his frame. first he torments Lola his first playmate, soon he can't resist Poppy. He knows this is a dangerous move so he is ready for flight just as well too. With a harsh bark Poppy rages, offended by the rule breaking and once again Flute becomes the hunted. A high pitched squeak means he is in trouble she is going to hunt him down. Lola joins in with the course, long grass not even slowing their flight. Soon Flute is down, long legs failing him on a sharp turn. They are on him in a shot and now they are a mass of red and white. As soon as he regains his footing up he goes and its back to Lola chasing Flute and Poppy chasing them both.

It makes Nanci and Maddies game seem sedate. I say game though I am not sure Maddie knows the plan. Nanci boxes her leaping and diving, ducking about. Maddie runs, she loves being chased but she is quite bemused at the boxing. So she ducks, dives and rolls over tail furiously spinning. She even starts squeaking before dashing off in a circle of sheer giddiness before diving straight in front of Nanci to start boxing all over again. They hardly travel 7ft but the air prickles with excitement.

Bertie and Beau have more carnal desires on their mind...they only have eyes and noses for Tash. Tash is used to admiration, she loves the feeling of unadulterated worship. She walks past and the boys are on tenderhooks, positively quivering at her delightful smell. They will of course go to far and not stick by the strict rules of decency, one sharp word from Tash and hey fall back in line happy for now to just be following in the wake of the beautiful one.

Today was a day of appreciating, appreciating the guys, seeing the relationships playing out their interactions in front of us.

Enjoy it for as long as it lasts, they are only with us for so long after all.

Couldn't be prouder

Tweezers poised, adrenaline pumped Sam holds the swaddled victim tight enough to stop squirming yet not so tight to squeeze. I move gently ready for the onslaught. Will it be teeth, will it be womit ( for those of you who are uneducated it means vomit) and will we even connect those tweezers with the offending ear hair?

A face so sweet, itsy bitsy thing she is and yet show her the ear tweezers and she turns into a hissing, spitting, chomping beasty. Minnie now how could you feel anxious with a dog called Minnie, a small shihtzu who wouldn't saw boo to a mouse.

But you know it isn't Minnie's fault it just takes time and timing, patience and determination. Tolerance on her behalf and understanding on ours and you know what? We have succeeded. All it has taken is careful handling.

Shih Tzus, like many hairy breeds, often have problems with excess hair growing in their ear canals this causes the wax to build up creating a warm moist environment that bacteria just loves. This is so painful and can eventually kill your dog ( RIP Beautiful Winnie).

Needless to say most pups really panic the first time someone plucks their ears and because it is often a groomer who does it the dog panics with the pain and discomfort. Groomers are often under pressure to get the job done so the whole job will be done in one go there is of course another just as likely scenario where the dog gets an infected ear and the vet wants the hair out, can you imagine how painful that is.

I don't know which had caused Minnies issues but which ever way we decided we couldn't let her go under anaesthetic each time so it was time to desensitise her.

Today I couldn't have been prouder as we sat on the van lip, Minnie swaddled in her towel and my hands gently trembling. I started gently plucking the longer hairs and she did nothing. Not a peep. So after lots of gentle hugs and kisses we started to get the messed up hair and other than the odd peep she sat as quiet as a mouse and soon we had two completely hair free ears. Woohoo! It has only taken four sessions...can you believe it. She was so pleased with herself and of course relieved and to see her trotting happily over to Mick was fantastic. No stress no anaesthetic and no injuries.

What a clever little Shiht!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Photos uploaded from our day

Well another hot day meant a walk by a stream was in order and a plod back through the trees, nobody told the dogs we were plodding back so it was more like a march and blast!

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Different dogs for different jobs

I have come to love having two rambunctious wassicks and an old boy. I revel in their differences.

Walking my guys yesterday it couldn't have been highlighted more. My young lads Flute and Tips make me laugh, shout, anxious and admire all in seconds, they jump, leap, run, argue and every part of their body is alive.

Then I come back and I take Shy out. It's about tootling, smells the gentle touch of his mouth on my hand when he goes past something scary. He checks me constantly, eyes are failing so he needs to know I am there. His funny waddling walk, his delight at just feeling the wind in his fur, his moment of giddiness as his feet hit the dewy grass. Then he decides he wants to go his way not mine. Theres no point arguing as he will flump down and look at me as if to say you did that!

Ahhhh I get to have all the best parts, the steady dog and the delight of watching two young dogs living life to the full. Lucky me.

Don't worry it won't be long before I am crying into my cats fur ranting at those pointy eared long legged muppets!

How can this happen in this day and age

It is arrogance? He has done this before I believe in 2002 with a young GSD puppy which also died in his vehicle.

There is no excuse. The police are sadly letting these hard working dogs down so badly.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Circus event preparations

Well our preparations are underway and no where near as far on as I wanted but you know I did go and swan off wildlife spotting!

Here are few photos so far my two boys may never forgive me and I am guessing they'd wish for the design to stay on photoshop!

As for our Circus monkey I have to say wow!

A new widget!

Date and time sorted!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Circus event

Our Just Giving page is now up and running so don't be shy all donations will be going directly to the Great North East Air Ambulance:

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Just a second of not thinking...

OH I am so annoyed at myself. For a split second I didn't think....instead of asking the boys to sit then walk with my round the corner I asked them to sit and let them off. That is all it takes, a moments lack of concentration or forethought. I was lucky I have just caused myself more work, set my training back and no harm was done.

Needless to say Flute and Tips blasted round the corner in pure delight only Tips came back round the corner moments Flute and that meant one of two things...toilet time( he is slow with everything he does so no worries about finding it!)or he'd ran up to someone he knew and was currently showering them with lanky love.

Arghhhh so all those carefully thought out routines, careful training and set up moments had been carelessly cast aside. How annoying.

The shepherd with her lovely old brown and white collie were nonplussed and on one positive note he didn't jump up ( or did he try and swift move of the crook solve that problem!?). On the lead he went and I mentally went on the lead too.

So this morning I had Flute frantically scanning every horizon for his next target and me watching his every move. Please please let the man step forward who invented the idea that dogs are stress relievers so I can give him a gentle slap....

Wish me luck