Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What on earth is going on this week!

It started with a text from Sam....Takoda obviously disapproved of Sam stopping to say hi to Debbie, Sky's mum. She showed her disapproval by cocking her leg on Sam's leg!

Then we have Willow, I have a sneaky suspicion I will be doing lots of blogs on Willow in the future....

Willow has taken to doing protest pee's if I dare to walk her second or without Charlie. We aren't talking a ' oh my gosh don't leave me behind I just can't bare it' widdle where she is so upset she widdles. No no we are talking about a ' hold on a pigging minute where do you think you are going, don't do it or I will wee, I am warning you I will. See I told you so!' wee. Then after her walk she gets back into the van up in the top cage she turns around after announcing she is back and whoosh the little 'fox red sodding labrador' showers the middle cage dogs with her wee..."I am back!'. Cheers Willow so not only is there your cage but now the middle cage and a bog free beastie to wash...again.

Any other bitches feeling the urge to do a protest pee please do so now while I have my marigolds at the ready, hose in hand and zoflora poised.

I'll shock the boogers and do it back!

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