Tuesday, 10 May 2011

We laughed, laughed and stood aghast

I am stuck nannies....

Chubby is never going to win a membership to mensa and we definitely had a few head scratching moments with him today...he is a huge St Bernard and seems to be enthusiastic, entertaining but I wouldn't call him a natural athlete!

I will mostly rely on the photos and videos to fill you in on the walk but one photo only hints at the hilarity that ensued.

The right splodge is Doris, she was walking happily along without a care in the world.
The left splodge is Chubby.
Chubby ran to catch up only to find the happily tootling Doris on the track so he left through the air to avoid her...only he didn't check to see where he would be landing. He did indeed land, head first in a bog.

Whilst his head was connecting with bog his back end hovered in the air back legs still running. Once the huge bulk of his body had caught up with the momentum he then proceeded to roll onto his side in the bog. Not put off by the predicament he continued deeper and deeper into the bog. By this time Justine, Doris and I were incapable. Oh how we laughed, poor Sam missed it all and was met by us with tears streaming down our faces and a very very dirty Chubby.

We also found out that when faced with something that flummoxes the big lad he walks backwards...not particularly anywhere just backwards. We are no closer to knowing who the real Chubby is as there appears to be so many facets to his personality but boy are we going to have fun on the way to knowing him.

Chubby after using one full barrel of water on his face alone! It took me thirty minutes to remove all traces of bog beast....

Then we have Bobajob...who favours the cowpat body mask. Swine!

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