Thursday, 5 May 2011

Easter bonnets the results

My favourite Animal Easter bonnet: Roly.
My favourite elegant chic bonnets: Mick and Minnie
My favourite Horse Bonnet: Pretty pink horse Maggie
My favourite Camp dog easter bonnet: Stan
My favourite random theme: Elsie and Doris
My favourite best effort under the circumstances: Bobby
My favourite Flower bonnet: Poppy
My favourite kitty bonnet: Tigger
My Favourite puppy bonnet: Willow
My Favourite bonnet that was original: Charlie
My favourite dog edible bonnet: Ted
My favourite disgruntled dog bonnet: Demi
My favourite edible bonnet: Max cat
My favourite colourful ensemble: Suli
My favourite scary bonnet: Priscilla
My favourite Master of engineering bonnet: Roly
My favourite don't you dare move have you any idea how long it took me to make bonnet: Xena
My favourite ornament instead of a bonnet: Pixie
My favourite pose in a bonnet: Ruby
My favourite bonnet for pure Karma: Poor Jasper!
My favourite sweet girlie bonnets: Molly Mc D and Elsie
My favourite old girl bonnet: Meg
My favourite bonnet for everyday wear and looks like he does: Flynn
The most random non bonnet but made me laugh: Ernie
The photo that should be used to promote a lovely dog breed: Lloyd though I mostly gazed into his eyes
The dog that managed to do Easter bonnet al la minimalistic: Reg
The cat who managed to look like she was waiting for her time for revenge despite her fetching themed Bonnet: Jess
I would like to thank everyone for taking part.....I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

The winner?
The ones I will truly remember are Mick and Minnies beautifully made hats, Doris in her specs, Roly in his egg hat and sheep outfit, Teds biscuit hat, Charlie's hot cross you see how hard it is?!

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